New in Music: Told You So

Andreina Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Finally, after three months of fans jamming to Miguel’s single, “Sky Walker,” featuring Travis Scott, he’s released his second single, “Told You So” from his forthcoming studio album “War and Leisure,” which drops Dec. 1, 2017. This will be his first album since his last release, “Wildheart,” in 2015.

As always, Miguel’s music brings about a sense of nostalgia for many as he expresses himself in an artistic style different to that of mainstream R&B.

In the music video, we see Miguel dancing in the middle of a desert, with added visuals of unfortunate political events and protests.

Based on the title, “War and Leisure,” we see this video as a snippet of what he aims to express throughout the album. In an interview with Power 106 Los Angeles, he reflects on recent current events and ties them to his own personal concerns that shaped the ideas behind the album. He questions, “How can I do something that people are going to pay attention to but still stay true to myself?”

He hopes that the album will be one to look back on, in the future, as something he was able to create in the midst of all the madness.