“Black Panther” takes the box office by storm

Annastacia Griffith-Gladston, Contributing Writer

Marvel blew up the box office with this one. It is the movie that we’ve all been waiting for. The Marvel Cinematic, “Black Panther,” is a $235 million dollar debut which sold out of all pre-sale tickets, and is currently sold out for weeks in theaters across the country.

“Black Panther” was such a thrilling experience. The movie brings you along the journey of the first African superhero and king, T’Challa. Alongside his witty younger sister Shuri, T’Challa takes on the responsibility of the African nation of Wakanda by bringing all of the tribes together, protecting the fictional nation’s vibranium technology, and keeping his nation’s powers a secret from the rest of the world.

While fighting for Wakanda, T’Challa also fights for his relationship with the beautiful Wakandan spy Nakia. “Black Panther” takes you all over from wooing over the romance between T’Challa and Nakia, to being at the edge of your seat laughing at Shuri’s jokes. The most exciting parts of the movie were the crazy technological advancements, the insane superpowers,  the action-packed fighting scenes and the exposure to the African culture.

Besides the movie itself, another exciting part of going to see “Black Panther” was the people in the theatres. People of all ages were dressed in beautiful African clothes and there were kids dressed as superheroes taking pictures all over.

The movie also delivered a great message for people all over the world, especially during this time in which tensions are at an all-time high. The theme of the movie was to help bring people together no matter what nation or race they are from.

Whether you are a fan of superhero comics or not, you should definitely go see “Black Panther!” Now you must be thinking, “How is this different from any other superhero movie?” Well, “Black Panther” has quite a few unusual shocking twists but you’ll have to watch the movie to find out.