Curated Collection: Non-Disney Movies for Disney Fans

Rachel Johnson, Staff Writer

I love Disney, and I love their movies. I’ve cried at the majority of them, especially Pixar. And if you’re like me, you could watch Disney movies over and over for the rest of your life. But, there are some amazing movies out there that aren’t from Disney, but feel like they could be, that are definitely worth checking out.


How to Train Your Dragon (1 & 2)

“HTTYD” is about a teen Viking named Hiccup who, unlike the rest of his village, just can’t seem to kill a dragon. He is desperate to prove himself.

When Hiccup finally downs a Night Fury using a net launcher he built, no one believes him. Hiccup finds the dragon in the forest, but he can’t bring himself to kill it.

Instead, he sets it free, and an unlikely friendship forms. “HTTYD” is an incredibly funny and heartwarming animated film, more so than some Disney movies. And the sequel is even better. “HTTYD” and “HTTYD2” are both available on YouTube for $2.99 each.


Rise of the Guardians

Our childhood figures who brought us wonder, hope and joy are much more powerful than they seem. And so long as children believe in them, they will protect them. In “RotG,” Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman face a threat from the Boogeyman that they can’t handle on their own.

They need a new Guardian to join their team: Jack Frost. The Guardians must learn to work together to defeat the Boogeyman and keep the children safe. “RotG” is magical and full of wonder, and the animation is stunning. It deals with believing in yourself, and becoming who you were meant to be. “RotG” can be found on YouTube for $2.99.


The Spiderwick Chronicles

When Jared Grace’s family movies to a “big creepy house in the middle of nowhere,” he finds himself in the last place he wants to be. But, this house holds a magical secret. The forest is filled with creatures that can only be seen through a special lens. He finds the journal of Arthur Spiderwick, which explains every creature from this invisible world.

Jared soon discovers that not all of the creatures are friendly, and they want the book. Jared must enlist the help of his family and the mystical friends of Arthur Spiderwick to keep the book safe. “TSC” is suspenseful and mystical. It has the adventure of “The Chronicles of Narnia” and the magical creatures of “Harry Potter.” “TSC” is available on YouTube for $2.99 and Amazon for $3.99.


Happy Feet (1 & 2)

To attract a mate, every Emperor Penguin must sing a “heart song” to find their match. But Mumble can’t sing; he likes to dance. The elder Emperor Penguins disapprove of Mumble’s dancing, however.

After saving a group of Adelie penguins called “the Amigos,” they befriend Mumble and support his dancing. When Mumble sees an excavator from the humans, he and the Amigos go to see Lovelace, a “wise” penguin with the plastic rings of a six-pack around his neck, which he says was bestowed on him by the mystic beings.

When Mumble is finally exiled for his dancing, he goes to Lovelace again for advice, but he is being choked by the plastic rings and has lost hope. Mumble follows a human boat for answers, and is captured and put in an aquarium.

Just when Mumble has almost given up, a girl taps on the glass and Mumble starts dancing, drawing a crowd, giving him his confidence back.

“Happy Feet” is a great story about finding yourself and being unapologetic in who you are, and with Robin Williams in the cast, you know it’s going to be great. “Happy Feet” 1 and 2 can be found on YouTube for $2.99 each.