Top 5 Podcasts that will give you nightmares

Alexis Gaskin , Staff Writer

Whether you have a long subway commute, or you want something else to listen to besides the same old playlist that Spotify recommends, check out these spooky and sinister podcasts on Spotify and iTunes. Be warned that some feature gore and explicit conversations. I wouldn’t listen to these podcasts at night; they will keep you up.

#1:  And That’s Why We Drink

Created by two friends, Em Schultz and Christine Schieffer, this weekly show discusses supernatural ghost stories, like the Haunted Winchester Mansion in San Jose and real-life murder/crime stories like the infamous Clown dressing killer, John Wayne Gacy. Each episode features the hilarious and informative hosts drinking milkshakes and wine while they discuss the gruesome and spine-tingling stories. Their energetic personalities and comments create a comedic relief for the serious and eerie stories. The reason it’s number one is that the intricate details these hosts go into will have you thinking about the stories for a long time.

#2:  The No Sleep Podcast

This one is plain scary. This show hosted by David Cummings keeps its namesake true – when listening, you won’t be getting any sleep because you’ll be too busy questioning every creak and noise you hear in the night. In the themes of stories found on Tumblr or scary story sites, this show tells realistic and inventive stories that will make you question every choice. If the very first episode featuring the infamous “Midnight Man” doesn’t leave you wanting to sleep with the lights on, then the other terrifying episodes will. A great listen for scary movie lovers and those who like a good thrill.

#3: Lore

This podcast, which has now been turned into an Amazon Original television series, is a retelling of famous lores in a storybook narrative. The Lore podcast is a must-listen if you love all things creepy; the enchanting and sinister way the narrator Aaron Mahnke voices these lores will leave you entrapped in the story and sometimes scared to hear what’s next. The 15th episode featuring the infamous “Robert the Doll” will have you questioning every stuffed animal you ever slept with as a child.

#4:  Welcome to Night Vale

A long-running podcast narrated by Cecil Gershwin Palmer is about the fictional town of Night Vale. This surreal radio show has the narrator bringing you into the world of Night Vale, making you think you accidentally tuned into some weird radio show. In this town, crazy things occur, from alien invasions to the listener questioning all pyramids. Best listened to in order, “Welcome to Night Vale” is a good listen for a storybook “sci-fi” feel with creepy twists and turns.

#5: The Last Podcast on the Left

This podcast features everything from true crime, paranormal encounters, lores and even personal experiences. This gut-punching trio of hosts: Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski, do not hold back in their long-running show. The comedic telling of these stories will make you question why they’re laughing, and also joining in as they discuss Bigfoot and entrails. Similar to the antics of the first podcast on this list, the realness of the information will leave you chilled.