Is Sierra Burgess Really a Loser?

Cecelia Germain, Contributing Writer

After browsing endlessly through Netflix categories; trying to find something to indulge my interest, I finally came across the perfect movie: “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser.” This piqued my interest because it is about two girls who use their strengths to help allure their crushes.

One girl, Sierra, who is the biggest “loser” of East Pasadena High School, is overweight and only has one friend. The other is Veronica, captain of the cheerleading squad, who everyone wants to be friends with and has over 20 thousand followers on Instagram. Veronica helps Sierra pretend to be her to “catfish” Jamey, the quarterback of the football team, who thought Sierra was Veronica. In return, Sierra helps Veronica to see the more intelligent side of herself. They both find a way to help one another and in the end instead of hating each other, they become closer than ever.

I find it interesting how Sierra believes that catfishing a cute guy will work. In reality, we all know that would never work, and as you’re watching you just keep thinking: Will Jamey ever find out who he is really texting? To answer this question: Yes. His first instinct is to hate both Sierra and Veronica.

This is a compelling  film, I don’t think for one moment I was bored watching this. I actually felt many emotions; especially when Sierra thinks it is a good idea to keep messaging Jamey, even though Sierra knew he thought she was Veronica.

I say stop whatever you’re doing, open Netflix right now and just watch. This is a great movie that shows you how two girls- from completely different lifestyles come together to win over their love interests.