The Search Through Digital Footprints


PHOTO COURTESY/Youtube Sony Pictures Entertainment

John Cho is David Kim, a man desperately searching for his missing daughter, in “Searching.”

Priyanka Gera, Contributing Writer

Most of us know that one person who can find anyone and everyone on social media in a matter of minutes. You may be in awe of their uncanny talent or scared by how easily one can dig up your past. The eerily enticing plot of “Searching” deals with exactly that: the digital footprint we unknowingly leave behind and the not-so-hidden secrets we thought we erased.

David Kim’s (played effortlessly by John Cho) teenage daughter, Margot, goes missing without warning. Thirty-seven hours after her disappearance, David only has three missed calls from his daughter the night she vanished and not a clue as to what happened to her. With only her laptop and her social media accounts at his disposal, David helps the assigned detective, Rosemary Vick (played by Debra Messing), piece together his daughter’s life leading up to that day. Yet, the question still remains: Is Margot alive?

This entertaining yet twisted thriller was directed by Aneesh Chaganty, a 27 year old Indian-American filmmaker. Before writing this script, he had only ever written and directed short movies, so this film is his official feature-length debut into Hollywood. He not only wrote a compelling storyline, but also supported the movement for representation by casting and writing Asian-American actors as the lead roles.

This movie takes your breath away with the unexpected twists and connections between characters. The paranoia and fear that Cho portrayed was so real it was heartbreaking. I have to admit, I was rooting for him as he defied law and order and went to every extreme to find his daughter. His genuine concern as a father was above and beyond; something we may take for granted from our parents.  

“Searching” definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat and is a must-see film!