Sensación Hosts Salsa Workshop in DAC

Latinx American Heritage Month event unites in spirit of dance

Alessia Pisciotta , Staff Writer

Amidst the hustle and bustle of common hour, Sept. 27, Sensación Dance Team hosted a salsa dancing workshop in DAC. Many eager students and some faculty showed up to learn some moves, step out of their comfort zone and support this Latinx Heritage Month event.

“We’re hosting this event to teach people about salsa and its history. Salsa is one of the things that has touched many cultures, and we wanted people to engage and have fun,” Dina Goodger, a junior risk management major and Sensación team captain, said.

The event began with a brief presentation on the evolution of salsa and the different styles from Goodger. By her side were co-captain, Valeria Ospina, and treasurer, Giselle Orellana.

Originating in Eastern Cuba, salsa branched out into different styles based on their respective communities. There are several styles: “Cali” (Colombian style), “on-2” (New York style), “on-1” (Los Angeles style) and  “casino” (Cuban style).

Following the presentation, the team members who were present led everyone in a warm up to get loose and prepare for the colorful dancing that was to come.

“I thought the event would be really fun, and it was. I got to learn a couple of new moves and enjoy something different with my friends,” sophomore Ivan Matute said.

They began with a basic step that the group caught on to very quickly, then jumped right into dancing to a slow salsa song, complete with counts, for the new learners. They focused on teaching the L.A. “on-1” style.

“It’s about feeling the music!” Valeria told the initially timid attendees.

They learned transitions, different moves and added stylings. It gradually got more advanced. There was a great turn out so everyone had a partner to dance with. They were able to meet new people and engage with one another.

“This was really fun. I always like to learn salsa, so every time there’s a workshop on campus, I try to come out and support,  Joel Colachagua, a member of the Latino fraternity Phi Iota Alpha said.

“I leave with more and more than I did the last time thanks to Sensación.”