“The Haunting of Hill House:” Classic Story With New Spin

Eduardo Alfonzo, Staff Writer

With Halloween around the corner, everyone is in the mood for something scary to watch. Once again, Netflix has provided us with great content: “The Haunting of Hill House.”

Made by the creators of the Netflix film “Gerald’s Game,” another great piece from Netflix, “The Haunting of Hill House” is based on the classic novel by Shirley Jackson.

Instead of faithful adaptation of the source material, Netflix has put a unique spin on the story that actually works in its favor.

The story centers around the Crain family moving to an old mansion, known as Hill House, where they experience paranormal activity that forces them to move out and never look back. Years later, following a tragic event, the Crain family must come together and face the inner demons that have haunted them for many years.

The show shifts back and forth between the past and present, which can distract some people, but it actually helps with the story.

We see how the characters were affected by the mansion at a young age and what mental and emotional repercussions it might have had on them years later.

Carla Gugino (as Olivia Crain), Michiel Husiman (as Steven Crain) and the rest of the cast have done a terrific job at making the characters feel unbelievably flawed, yet relatable.

The Crain family are not the best people, especially as they grow older, but once you see their past, you understand how they became the way they are.

While the show can feel slow at times, it’s not enough to ruin the entire experience. Through great acting, genuine scares and a complex narrative, “The Haunting of Hill House” is easily one of the most entertaining shows of this year.