Netflix Renews “Elite” for Season Two

Photo Courtesy/ Youtube Netflix

“Elite,” the popular Spanish Netflix teen drama series, is back with a second season and it has as many uninhibited twists and turns as its predecessor, if not more. 

This show chronicles the messy lives of Las Encinas High’s most elite students in the midst of scandal after scandal. It seems as though the showrunners have it for the shows protagonists this season and it will have you biting your nails as you watch the shiny world these attractive, wealthy high school students have created start to crumble around them. 

This season focuses on the investigation of a missing student from upscale private school, Las Encinas. Episode names count the days this student has been missing and scenes alternate between the present day interrogations of students by the police and the past three months of debauchery that preceded the student’s disappearance.

The show comes with it’s fair share of embellishment, (what 16 year olds go out for drinks after math class?) but this decadence is what makes the show and its characters that you love to hate, so impossible to take your eyes off of. 

What makes “Elite” so compelling is not only the drama, the parties and glamour, but also the harsh realities of these flawed characters. The viewer knows all of their secrets, and as characters such as the conniving Lucrecia, short-fused Guzmàn or pathological liar and new girl Cayetana,  sit in front of an interrogator and run laps around the truth of the missing student, viewers know the reality behind the masks they wear. After all, they’re all just kids playing at being adults. 

If you’re looking for a show to binge watch in between classes, this is it. With English subtitles and audio available, you have no excuse to not indulge.