Save This Romantic Comedy for “The Knight Before Christmas”


Vanessa Hudgens plays Brooke in Netflix’s latest holiday film, “The Knight Before Christmas.”

If you are looking for a cheesy Christmas movie that doesn’t require too much attention, then Netflix’s original “The Knight Before Christmas” is the one for you. This movie stars Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse, bringing the perfect romantic comedy for movie nights with the girls or a date night idea. It is a predictable storyline with the typical falling in love with a prince charming fantasy.  

Whitehouse plays Sir Cole, a knight in shining armor from Norwich, England, who time travels from the year 1334 to  2019. Sir Cole must find his “quest” before midnight on Christmas Eve or he will never be a true Knight, as told by a Crone who cast this spell on him. 

Brooke –– played by Hudgens –– and Sir Cole meet on a snowy night in Ohio, when Brooke almost hits Sir Cole with her car. Thinking his amnesia resulted from the head injury from the accident, Brooke lets Sir Cole stay with her until his memory returns –– so she thinks. Sir Cole interacts with modern televisions, Amazon’s Alexa and cars, or as he calls them,  “steel steeds” –– for the first time. He adjusted to the new technology with ease as if the six-hundred-year gap didn’t perplex him at all. I caution you to leave your practicality at the door.

You can see that Whitehouse and Hudgens have chemistry between them, but some scenes were cringe-worthy, like when Brooke introduces herself to Sir Cole and he goes down on his knee and kisses her hand in the hospital. Nevertheless, there are some nice messages throughout the film about giving back for Christmas by helping those who are not as fortunate. Every Christmas Eve Brooke holds an event for the people in her community who don’t have a place to go for the holidays. Some of these moments really pull at the heart strings and can make you a little teary eyed.

The setting of the film definitely resembles a fantasy with the snow, lights and festive community feel. It is one of those typical Hallmark movies that you think you’re not going to like but secretly return to every holiday season.