Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars deliver with “Leave the Door Open”

The singers join forces to form R&B group ‘Silk Sonic’


Photo Courtesy / Youtube Bruno Mars

In a collaboration that many of us never saw coming (but have secretly always dreamed of), Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak have united to create an ultra-smooth, 70s soul-inspired track. The duo delivered a song that makes you feel like a rich man with a very expensive home in Los Angeles (when .Paak says, “We should be dancin’, romancin’ / In the east wing and the west wing / Of this mansion, what’s happenin’?”) but that’s not all the pair will be treating us with, as a full-length album is expected to drop this year (with no confirmed date just yet). 

The first single off of the group’s upcoming album, “An Evening with Silk Sonic,” is co-produced by Mars and D’Mile, who has produced songs such as “My Bad” by Khalid and “BOSS” by The Carters. It sounds like a modern-day booty-call, but strays away from indicating that it was produced in 2021, keeping true to 20th-century imagery and musical moments, such as references to Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” and Michael Jackson’s “Shamone!” from his classic single, “Bad.” 

It’s got all of the lure of a timeless R&B track but still feels fun, given Mars’ and .Paak’s styles, even allowing .Paak to shine on the drums throughout the track. The harmonies are impeccable, with Mars and .Paak trading verses seamlessly, swapping vocal styles and inviting musical elements like the violin, piano and more to take us away on the bridge. 

Mars has not released new music since his “24K Magic” album in 2016, and .Paak’s latest full release was “Ventura” in 2019 though he has dropped singles throughout 2020 including “Lockdown” and “Jewelz.” 

.Paak and Mars made their first official performance as Silk Sonic at the Grammys on Sunday night, delivering everything you would expect with a live performance of such a smooth track like this. Choreographed dancing with backup singers, snapping, impeccable outfits, rose-colored sunglasses and more. If this is what Silk Sonic is kicking off with, they better leave the door open so we can see what else is in store.