Netflix Original: Ginny and Georgia

The first season follows a mother-daughter duo with mysterious secrets to uncover



Season one of “Ginny and Georgia” can be found on Netflix.

When I signed onto Netflix earlier this year, I was hit with a message: “Your monthly price will increase by $1 to $13.99 on February 22, 2021.” I could only wonder if the monthly fee would keep increasing year-over-year and contemplated if the service was worth it anymore.  I logged onto my Netflix account and was shown a trailer for a new Netflix Original: “Ginny and Georgia.” I watched the trailer and was intrigued. I checked when its release date was set for, and of course, it was set for Feb. 24, just two days after the Netflix subscription price increase. Well, Netflix won this one. I let them charge me that extra dollar for the sake of their new show; and no, I was not disappointed. 

“Ginny and Georgia” has 10 episodes filled with mystery, love, betrayal, heartbreak and a cliffhanger that left me wanting more. The show is based around a mother, Georgia, and her daughter, Ginny. Georgia’s life is filled with mysteries Ginny is desperate to uncover, such as running away to make a living as a teen mom, much to Georgia’s dismay. Georgia tries to hide her past while also shielding her daughter from making the same mistakes she once made. 

The show starts with Ginny as a 15-year-old, the age at which Georgia had her. The two are recent additions to a suburb in Massachusetts — which isn’t their first time moving due to Georgia’s on-and-off relationship status. The show switches between Ginny’s rough adjustment at a new high school and flashbacks to Georgia’s high school days, juxtaposing the two. Georgia goes to extreme lengths to do her absolute best to provide for her family, but inevitably, the truth about the life she’s kept secret is bound to be revealed. As a result, “Ginny and Georgia” blends teen and crime genres in a way that never becomes boring to watch.

We closely follow Ginny and her friend group’s drama whilst also witnessing Georgia’s PTA “momma drama,” both of which are filled with betrayal. But the real dramatic battle is between Ginny and Georgia. The tension between the two intensifies with each hour-long episode leading up to their eventual “face-off.” Throughout the series, I definitely went back and forth between whose side I was on. Although you’ll have to watch it for yourself to take a side, I know that after this season, I would take Georgia’s side. In my eyes, she is a mom who goes to great lengths to do what’s best for her kids and I believe that Ginny needs to take a step back and acknowledge all that her mother has done for her. 

Netflix proved its $1 increase was worth it with “Ginny and Georgia.” If you’re looking for a well-paced show to start, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend “Ginny and Georgia” to you. It’s a show that will keep you intrigued and wanting more by the finale (which fans won’t have to wait long for, as Netflix recently renewed the show for a second season).