Another Cinderella movie, but this time it’s a musical

Amazon Prime brings out a new side of Cinderella

PHOTO COURTESY/ Youtube Amazon Prime Video

PHOTO COURTESY/ Youtube Amazon Prime Video

On Sept. 3, “Cinderella” was released on Amazon Prime. Camila Cabello, Idina Menzel, Billy Porter, James Corden and many others joined the cast for this production. Adding to the list of previously released Cinderella movies, this one brings out a musical side to the story. 

As a first-time actress, Cabello played the lead role of Cinderella. The overall concept of the movie is the same as every other Cinderella film. Cinderella lives with her stepmother, played by Menzel, and her two stepsisters, who aren’t kind to her. Cinderella has her own dream but has no family support. Cinderella wanted to open her own dress shop, an idea her stepmother laughed at. 

This movie was different, but not in a bad way. After so many Cinderella movie releases, we needed one with a ‘twist’. Cabello’s Cinderella is not the typical character we are used to seeing. Considering this is Cabello’s first acting gig, I believe that she was great. She portrayed a side of Cinderella that is hardworking and ambitious. Love is also important, but she did not want to give up on her dreams for it, which I admire. In the end, she is able to pursue her dreams while still living  “happily ever after” with the prince. 

The movie also had a modern soundtrack. The cast sang to songs like “Somebody To Love” by Queen, “Am I Wrong” by Nico and Vinz, and “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Cabello also sang her own song “Million To One” in the film. 

Porter is a cast member that no one expected to play the godmother, but it looked as if the role was made for him. The Broadway actor played this film’s version of the godmother, continuously bringing life to the character. “Magic has no gender,” Porter told CBS News in 2020. He has an energetic attitude throughout the film.

This movie is important because it spreads a positive message to young women that it is important to keep going after your dreams. If what or who you love is holding you back from that, then maybe there is a sacrifice to be made. Cinderella is willing to give up on a happy life with Robert, but Robert is willing to sacrifice the throne for her. In the end, both of them get their way. Robert gets to be with the “love of his life” while Cinderella continues to make dresses and work on her career; they have a healthy relationship.

Multiple Cinderella films have been made over the years, giving this film many others to be compared to. I personally think that this specific film had its own unique points. Adding on to the list of other movies based on the same storyline, I would not be surprised if the movie got a certain amount of backlash about the production of another Cinderella film, not the film’s unique musical component. However, critics are zeroing in on the lack of character development and flat performances. CNN’s Brian Lowry even described it as “a colorful distraction lacking enough magic to fulfill dreams or wishes.”

In this movie, I liked how Cabello portrayed a version of Cinderella that prefers to work rather than live a royal life. Especially since the Cinderella storyline is based around the end of the 1800s, this film shows a side of Cinderella that goes against gender stereotypes of women being housewives and not working. 

As the most recent production of Cinderella, it is an inspiration for children. It is a good portrayal of women working  and not giving up on their own dreams. Young girls can be convinced that they can work if they want to and young boys could also understand that seeing working women is normal. Although it is based in the past, the movie showed more of a modernized perspective on the role of women in the society, and could be a way to slowly end gender discrimination.