TWICE serve the world their first English track with confidence

PHOTO COURTESY/ YouTube Good Morning America

PHOTO COURTESY/ YouTube Good Morning America

The JYP Entertainment’s nine-member group TWICE released their first full English single Oct. 1. The group’s musical efforts had been previously directed primarily toward Korean and Japanese fans. However, in an interview on Good Morning America, Jihyo, TWICE’s leader, said how “after taking [their] tour onto the world stage, [they] saw that [they] actually have a lot of fans all over the world.” This encouraged them to plan for the English track, “The Feels.” 

Although the title “The Feels” may at first sound like a contagious condition like the measles or the mumps, it turns out the group is singing about the butterflies in your stomach when you have a crush. The music video begins with TWICE receiving an invitation to prom –– bringing back buried memories of high school and the cheesy promposals. TWICE confidently sings about knowing how their crush reciprocates their feelings. They frankly ask their crush “what’s the deal?” and what their intention is. TWICE wants to know exactly what they are getting into to prepare themselves, just like everyone one should do before jumping headfirst and blindfolded into a relationship.


Their vocals are on point, as they harmonize in the chorus –– which is exceptionally catchy by the way. The line, “You have stolen my heart, oh yeah/Never let it go oh oh no” is filled with just enough sass and attitude to make it addictive. The single is overall an energetic bop paired with an interesting and colorful retro-themed music video. When they danced on the retro stage, it seemed to mirror a similar moment from BTS’s “Dynamite” when all eight members danced to the chorus on a stage wearing retro outfits. I guess a glass stage is crucial when reminiscing about the 80s.

With approximately 67.4 million views as of Wednesday, “The Feels” has had quite a successful launch. With the simple message of following your heart when you have feelings for someone, TWICE has won over the hearts of millions. The almost four-minute song is cute and lighthearted, but only listen to it if you are ready to catch “the feels.”