Mac Miller’s Legacy Lives on with New Track ”Yeah”

PHOTO CREDIT/ YouTube Mac Miller

PHOTO CREDIT/ YouTube Mac Miller

“Faces,” the 11th and final mixtape of late rapper Mac Miller which was recorded in 2014 and was exclusively available on YouTube, is considered a fan favorite. This year, on Sept. 15, Miller’s team announced the release of the mixtape on Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal. The mixtape was released on Oct. 15 and a new bonus track, “Yeah,” was an emotional addition to the mixtape. 

Miller tragically passed away in 2018, but his music is streamed in the hundreds of thousands to this day. With the release of his mixtape, this new bonus track will give you goosebumps. Miller died of a drug overdose and “Yeah” seems to be a breakdown of how he felt during his addiction. 

With lyrics like, “Let me free of you, protect me from evil” and “Then one day we’ll die, no one will care,” Miller’s bonus track was tear-wrenching. To add to that, “We will survive” was a touching lyric to the late rapper’s bonus track. 

This song can mean something sentimental to many. According to the American Addiction Center, 19.7 million American adults aged twelve and older suffered from substance abuse disorder in 2017. The topic is sensitive to many. 

In “Yeah,” Miller opened up about that dark time in his life. For some, this track can show them that they are not alone. Knowing you are not alone can be a huge help to overcome what you’re going through. 

This track, as well as the rest of the album, was an emotional addition to Miller’s mixtapes. His passing was tragic, but his legacy continues to live on through his music.