It’s All About “You”

Fan-Favorite Netflix Original Returns for its Third Season



Netflix’s favorite stalking, murder-obsessive, cute couple is back for a third season. In this season of “You,” Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn bring their new child to the world in the suburbs of Madre Linda, California. Goldberg returns to his cycle of obsession with his next-door neighbor, Natalie.

 Days before the season was released on Netflix on Oct. 15, the streaming platform announced its renewal for a fourth season in a small teaser on YouTube with Goldberg’s narration. Netflix is already telling fans that there is more to expect for this series.

If you haven’t watched You, the premise of the show throughout all the seasons is Goldberg falling in love with a woman and doing anything for them. Even if that means there may be complications, like murder.

Despite new cast, locations and scenarios each time, “You” gets slightly repetitive. Goldberg meets a woman, falls in love, murders people, starts fresh in a new city and finds a job with books.

What season three does offer is a deeper dive into Goldberg’s past, like his mom, how he was bullied as a kid and how that’s affected him now – call it childhood trauma, if you will.

Caroline Kepnes, the author of the book series the show is based on, has currently written two sequels.  Random House, the publisher of the series, announced there would be four books for “You,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

 There is so much more to the Goldberg universe which both the book and Netflix supply. This has only been a slice of what will happen and hopefully what we can see on the screen.