Little Mix’s “Between Us:” An Ode to Friendship and Female Empowerment

PHOTO COURTESY/ YouTube Little Mix -Discography

PHOTO COURTESY/ YouTube Little Mix -Discography

Little Mix celebrated their 10-year anniversary by releasing their new album titled “Between Us.” The album is a greatest hits record, containing four new songs in the standard version and an additional song in the deluxe edition. Not only does “Between Us” highlight the band’s most critically acclaimed songs, but it also explores the women’s progress throughout the years, both vocally and lyrically, while keeping their usual themes of friendship and female empowerment. 

“Between Us” comes sort of as a surprise for fans since former member Jesy Nelson left the band in December 2020. Additionally, Perrie Edwards and Leigh-Anne Pinnock recently became mothers. Many critics and fans were uneasy about what was next for the band, especially as other acts that have followed their same path, such as Fifth Harmony and One Direction, went into an indefinite period after a member left the group. But instead of calling it quits, Little Mix showed with this new record that they are still fresh, youthful and that their love and friendship is still going strong. 

“When you are in this industry, every year you do a cycle, you get through it, blah, blah blah,” Jade Thirwall told Buzzfeed about the process of making this album. “But when you actually have to sit down and look at all the tracks and listen to them all for the first time in a while, I was like, ‘oh, wow, we’ve really done it. We’ve really done the damn thing.’” 

“Between Us,” while nostalgic for some of us who have followed these women for years, is a great journey that will make you feel nothing less than empowered. With hit songs like “Shout Out to My Ex,” “Wings” and “Woman Like Me” feat. Nicki Minaj, each era of the band’s history is well-represented. Hearing all of these songs together in one record celebrating this huge milestone for the band is a bittersweet experience. On one hand, you will want to carelessly dance to these catchy beats and motivational lyrics. On the other hand, you will also be left off reminiscing the times in which these songs came out. 

In terms of the new four songs added to their discography, they are more of the same, female-empowering songs that you can bop to in the club. However, an unquestionable stand out is “Between Us.” Serving as the title track for this record, this song perfectly encapsulates the theme of Little Mix as a whole. This song can be looked at as a sequel to their song from their Glory Days album, “Nothing Else Matters.” Both songs’ central theme is the powerful chemistry and friendship that these women share while also featuring outstanding vocals and endearing lyrics. Also, “Between Us” references many titles of past Little Mix’s songs, which is a nice gesture to fans. 

Furthermore, “Between Us” is one of the most personal and relatable songs in this album. Personally, my closest friends, all of whom I have known since we were babies, and I are great fans of the British trio. Ever since Glory Days came out in 2016, we have made “Nothing Else Matters” our anthem. Few songs so accurately depict the power of a strong friendship and the hope that it never ends, like this one. So hearing “Between Us” in 2021 brings me back to my childhood bedroom, with my friends, screaming, dancing and hugging them as tight as I can. It truly is a surreal and highly emotional experience. 

While I do hope that the trio slightly shies away from their club-pop songs and goes back to releasing more powerful ballads such as “Secret Love Song,” “Between Us” is an outstanding album that will make you not only realize the talent that these women have, but  will also make you want to run to your closest friends and carelessly dance with them as if nothing else mattered.