Cobra Kai’s Fifth Season Brings the “Karate Kid” Nostalgia

Original Karate Kid characters return for a fifth season, bringing their tensions along with them.

Photo Courtesy / YouTube Netflix

Netflix Original’s “Cobra Kai” returns with a fifth season, bringing back more original Karate Kid actors. Ralph Macchio and William Zabka from the original franchise return, along with Yuji Okumoto, who was last seen in 1986’s Karate Kid II. Decades later, the rivalry persists between Daniel Larusso (Macchio) and Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffiths), but this time it involves their trainees. 

Apart from the karate kicks, the season that sheds light on relationship issues, guilt, lack of parental presence, questions of identity and more. Through all these personal issues, a new — and possibly more cruel — antagonist, Silver affects the life of anyone who comes in his way, while mentally terrorizing the students of Cobra Kai. Earning a 100% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, the season lives up to expectations.

Following the loss of a bet, Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang — Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence’s karate dojos — are forced to permanently close. Silver keeps his shady reputation, training the students of Cobra Kai. Sam Larusso’s to Tory Nicols loss in the All-Valley competition resulted in their loss. Shortly after becoming All-Valley champion, Nicols overhears a conversation between Silver and the referees, finding out Silver paid them off to work in their favor.

Nicols’ character development is one intriguing aspect of the series. She was previously known for her desire to win at all costs, but this time she begins to see the bigger picture. Although she was announced All-Valley champion, the guilt consumed her, realizing it’s not all about the victory but it’s about how you won.

Larusso and Lawrence retain the rivalry dating back to 1984. Macchio and Zabka continue to prove their incredible acting skills, along with Xolo Maridueña, Tanner Buchanan and Peyton List. All are tasked with intense emotions, and their portrayal is as close to perfect as it gets. 

For all of Keene’s childhood, Lawrence was absent in his life. Buchanan’s performance deserves an applause. He brought the character to life in ways no one else can do. Keene sees his father treat Miguel Diaz like a son. Jealousy rises. Buchanan manages to incredibly show the feelings of jealousy, anger and sadness. His acting is not spoken about enough, but the 23-year-old has a bright future ahead of him.

The ten episode season is a road to peace for most of the characters. The Cobra Kai tradition continues with ending the season on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. 

Cobra Kai’s fifth season is now streaming on Netflix.