The ultimate St. John’s bucket list

There are certain things every student should see before graduating from St. John’s. From the tree lighting at the Winter Carnival to the roaring cheers of a men’s basketball game, students should take the opportunity to witness a short list of sights before graduation.

Anyone who goes to St. John’s can tell you the intensity of a men’s basketball game is something each and every person should witness at least once. Hop on the subway with friends, grab some dinner in the city, and find your way over to Manhattan’s gem – Madison Square Garden. Walking into the Garden, painted in shades of red and white, surrounded by your fellow students screaming and cheering, losing all connection to the outside world for two hours is an amazing experience. Students receive discounted tickets for MSG games and games hosted at Carnesseca Arena even offer free tickets in advance.

The Winter Carnival, a winter event that unleashes the true spirit of St. John’s, is a sight for all to see before graduating. Venture onto campus, turn the corner and you will see the Great Lawn lined with thousands of twinkling lights, colored in red and green, hearing the choirs of St John’s presenting Christmas classics. All of this beauty and holiday cheer culminates in the lighting of the tree, and a spectacular firework show, paired with Christmas classics is a must-see.

Every student should take advantage of the resourceful facilities St. John’s has to offer, including the most recent addition – the D’Angelo Center. Whether it’s grabbing a drink at Starbuck’s on the third floor or hanging out with friends in the lounge area, the D’Angelo Center is a great place to spend time on campus. As far as dining options go, the D’Angelo Center offers a variety of delicious meals from Asian specialties to sandwiches and wraps.

The Law School Café nestled on campus between St. John’s Hall and the townhouses is a hidden gem all students should stop by. Many are unaware of the warm crusty sandwiches and yummy breakfast options the café offers. Another must, is a late night snacks at St. Vincent’s Diner. Whether its buffalo wings or a salad, they offer generous portions and the atmosphere reflects what college is all about.

With a surplus of organizations, including a very active Greek life, St. John’s is known for its multitude of extracurricular groups. Academic, cultural, media, political, religious, social justice, and special interest organizations represent the vast majority of opportunities to get involved on campus. Joining a club is something every student should do before graduating, granting the ability to work toward a cause, make friends, and learn something new. Whether it’s a sorority or the Legal Society, student organizations are a must!

St. John’s also hosts a Spring Concert every year showcasing various well-known artists.  From Lupe Fiasco to Ryan Leslie, many musicians have performed at St. John’s, bringing the student body together. Tickets are discounted, and open exclusively to students, so you have no excuse. It’s an experience worth witnessing before graduation.

The last, and perhaps most obvious, is the bigger playground of Manhattan, situated only a train ride away. Any student of St. John’s must visit New York City before graduating. With subways situated conveniently a short walk off campus, hop on an “F” train and choose a stop. The museums, New York Public Library, art galleries, dramatic performances – all offer students real life experience and are recommended by numerous professors. Whether you venture to Central Park or Times Square, make sure to take advantage of the city and all it has to offer.

Many do not realize how truly lucky we are to be students of St. John’s University. Brilliant professors, a beautiful resourceful campus and the greatest city in the world only a subway ride away. Before graduation, make sure to take advantage of these opportunities and experiences. Whether it’s joining a club or going to the Winter Carnival with friends, every student should take advantage of this remarkable university.