Must try culinary delights in Queens

It’s Sunday evening, and you’re hungry. Whether you just wander down Union Turnpike or dare to venture out of the area, there are plenty of restaurants to pass some time and satisfy cravings.

Natives, a Colombian oasis nestled in the rustic neighborhood of Jackson Heights, offers intricate and tasty platters filled with spice infused steak, crunchy empanadas and sweet, savory plantains. From the moment you walk through the door, you will feel like family as they offer you delectable appetizers and drink choices.

Traditional platters include “Bandeja Paisa” which incorporates meat surrounded by rice, beans, and plantains. Most meals can be shared thanks to the generous portion sizes, and will only set you back around 10 dollars. Make sure to try the guacamole, which combines the perfect mix of avocado, cilantro and various spices. From the quaint, authentic atmosphere to the exquisite cuisine – Natives is the perfect dining experiencefor St. John’s students.

If you’re in the mood for Italian, make sure to try out Sabatino’s, conveniently located on Union Turnpike just across the street from the university. Delicious pizza, paninis and fresh pasta are only a few of the gems on this outstanding menu. The waiters are extremely friendly, and there are even discounts for STJ students. Make it a point to try the fried zucchini or the fresh pasta with sausage and broccoli rabe. The atmosphere is student-friendly, yet offers an upscale ambiance which is comfortable and charming. From the pizza to the filet of sole, everything is flavor packed and carefully made.

Enter Gyro World, located on Northern Boulevard, for mouthwatering, enormous stuffed gyros with lamb or chicken, tomatoes, onions and yogurt sauce. The gyros may be hard to eat, but they are completely worth it. The lemon potatoes are perfectly soft and have the ideal combination of salt and citrus. Their fries are thin, crispy, and sprinkled with a unique blend of spices. The restaurant offers a warm and authentic feel, highlighting the beauty of the Mediterranean. Everything is low in price, costing between $8 and $10 for a typical meal. Warm pita bread, hot avgolemono, a signature Greek soup, stuffed grape leaves and chicken souvlaki are only some of the few delicacies this tasteful establishment offers.

Sometimes there’s nothing like a good burger to hit the spot. For the best burger in Queens, take a trip over to Five Guys on 188th Street. Described by some as “Heaven on a Bun,” the menu at Five Guys is simple, short and to the point: burgers, dogs, and fries. The art of toppings can be taken to the limit, including grilled onions and jalapeno peppers. It is almost impossible to communicate the overload of taste in your first bite. There are two sizes: little (one burger) and regular (two burgers), depending on the size of your cravings. Their fries are crispy, spiced and irresistible. Simple, yet extraordinary, Five Guys is a must for STJ – and all college – students.

If you’re trying to satisfy your sweet tooth, drive over to Martha’s Country Bakery located on Bell Boulevard. A trip to Martha’s is a necessary experience for all STJ students before graduation. As soon as you enter the bakery you forget you’re in Queens, as the decor is nothing but serene and quaint. Perfectly compiled cases filled with cupcakes, tarts, cakes and gelato line the bakery, presented in the most aesthetic manner possible. Grab a booth, look over the menu and choose your sweet treat. The drink menu offers various teas and coffees, cappuccinos and lattes. The dessert menu is an unending list of delicacies very reasonably priced. The cupcakes are a must, from strawberry to peanut butter – they are rich, tasty and truly one of a kind. Martha’s is a great place to meet with friends, escape the hustling metropolis and treat your self to something truly delicious.

Whether you’re trying something new or searching for a different type of cuisine, Queens offers an unending supply of dining selections. Head out this weekend with friends, try something new and expand your culinary horizons.