Working On a Sunny Day? Not for Some

Now that the weather is warming up St. John’s students are going to the Great Lawn for a little bit of softball and a little bit of tanning.  With the drastic climate changes, however, some students may be more inclined to neglect their studies.

Many people have different opinions, but people can be inclined to neglect their studies when the weather is nice.

When asked about whether the weather affected her study habits,sophomore Melissa Quinn leaned toward enjoying the sunny days.

“If it’s rainy or cold out, I feel more inclined to stay in and get to studying. I don’t know, when it’s nice out, I want to take it in and maybe go for a run and really enjoy it,” she said.

Many share Quinn’s opinion. Like she said, most people are just too struck by the weather.

Sophomore Fara Muscarella was in the minority however, saying she sticks to her studies no matter what the climate.

“Well, no matter what the weather, I always think it is more important to get my work done before I go out,” she said. “There’s really no way to enjoy the weather without getting things done first.”

Following an unseasonably warm winter, students remarked that they were inclined to take a “sun day” to make up for the lack of days off due to severe winter weather.  The warm winter gave way what is currently an equally unseasonably warm April.

When temperatures reach a recent high this past Monday, large amounts of students could be seen on the Great Lawn and outside Montgoris Dining Hall.

While some people had strong views one way or the other on the topic, a few students felt apathetic toward it.

“I honestly don’t really care what the weather is,” said sophomore Robert Delsignore. “I’m either going to need to study or I’m not. I’ll do whatever I have to but it isn’t really based on what’s going on outside.”

German Professor Zoran Cerar said that he didn’t see a difference because of the warm weather.

“Attendance is the same when it’s warm,” said Cerar. “When there is extreme weather, like a twenty-degree difference,the next day then I see a difference.”

With the opinions of students coming down to each person’s preference, there is no set trend for the majority of students’ choices.

Looking ahead with a remainder of nine more days of classes, followed by finals, don’t expect to see the number of students heading to the Great Lawn to spike, regardless of the weather.

-Additional reporting by
Peter Long,
Entertainment Editor.