STJ Guide: Discover Hidden Treasures Near Campus

Freshman year of college is thought of as an exciting and new beginning. The simple idea of moving away from home and joining a community of young adults just like you is captivating and hopeful. For many, however, it can be a bit stressful, scary and overwhelming. The transition from high school to college is sudden and often forced upon us. Although it can be flustering at times, the experience you gain from college will always be one to remember.

There are a few things about St. John’s University that every college student should know. This information is often attained over months, and sometimes years, of experience as an STJ student.

When you first come to St. John’s University, there are two things you are certain to be given: a StormCard and a class schedule. It is up to you to use these things to your advantage. Listed below are a few things you may not have known about the surrounding amenities of STJ.

•    Late Night Shuttles: Are you trapped on campus need and to make your way back to housing? Call Public Safety at (718) 990-5252 for your very own fast-pass. St. John’s provides late night shuttles via the Public Safety Vehicles as soon as the daytime shuttle hours end. The late night shuttle runs from 11p.m. to 3a.m. which transports students from the main campus to the surrounding off-campus residence halls.

•    Double J’s:  Double J’s is located right across from the 7-Eleven at 168-02 Union Turnpike. This convenience store offers hot and cold sandwiches along with all the snacks a student would need while taking a study break. What’s so great about it? It’s open 24/7. What else could a college kid ask for?

•    Barnes and Noble: Simply walk outside Gate 2, across Utopia and walk into the peaceful Barnes and Noble on 176-60 Union Turnpike. The main floor is equipped with tables and chairs perfect which is for studying, and the all-time favorite, Starbucks.

•    Vincenzo’s: Vincenzo’s pizza offers the famed “dollar slice” deal every Wednesday and Friday. Now for only $1.25, you can walk right outside the gates of STJ to 168-18 Union Turnpike and enjoy freshly made hot pizza catered to a college student’s budget!

•    Metro Cards: You can buy $4.50 metro cards and all-day passes at the P & M Convenience store at 168-21 Union Turnpike and also at the Gulf Gas Station at 178-02 Union Turnpike.

•    Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins: Although STJ has its very own Dunkin Donuts on campus, there is also one right outside campus next to Double J’s and across from the 7-eleven. It is located at 168-22 Union Turnpike. But why settle for just coffee and donuts at 2am? That’s right, Baskin Robins is located right inside the same building and they are both open 24/7.

•    Cold Stone: Use your StormCard at Cold Stone Creamery for $1.00 off each purchase. Don’t miss out on the ultimate ice cream Experience located at 176-60 Union Turnpike.

With this information, make the best of your college years. Students can go outside the gates of St. John’s and explore in order to maintain that balance between social life and your academics.