Students claim spots to study on campus

Summer is a distant memory as midterms are readily approaching and the study grind begins.

But where are the best places to study on campus? Most students will tell you that they prefer their dorms or wherever it is that they are living. But for the rest, the question of where they can study in a peaceful and a proficient environment lingers.

Along with Starbucks and the peaceful Java Johnnies Coffeehouse, the D’Angelo Center has something to offer that not many students are aware of. This “hidden gem” is the top floor, with rooms that provide the best view of Manhattan on campus through its windows.

“The DAC ballroom is definitely my favorite,” junior Kareemah Sellers said.  “It’s somewhat unknown, with a beautiful view. You really get your privacy up there.”

You don’t just have to be in the ballroom of the DAC to get what you need out of a great place to study, though, according to students.

“Personally, I’d say the best place is if you can get a conference room on the third floor of the DAC near Starbucks,” junior Shawn McCreesh said. “Close the door and have the room to just you and your buddy. It’s nearly impossible to stumble across a vacant one but if you do, take advantage.”

Whether you’re studying for a small quiz or big exam, every student deserves to have at least one productive zone on campus. St. John’s offers plenty of places to study.

Other places to study on campus include the lower levels of DAC, Marillac, the study lounges in the residence halls, the Great Lawn, vacant classrooms in the many buildings on campus and lastly, the typical study space of St. Augustine Hall’s library.

Depending on the type of person you are, the library could either work in your favor or it could not. For junior Collin Stubblefield, the library serves its purpose as a place to crack down in when classes become hectic.
“Whenever I seriously need to get something done, I go to the same spot in the library,” he said. “I go to the third floor, all the way to the right side.”