Synthetic Drugs: What You NEED to Know

Maybe you have heard of them, they often go by K2/Spice, Bathsalts, and Molly. But what do you really know about them?  Synthetic drugs are substances that are produced in a laboratory with chemicals that are to mimic the effects of illicit drugs.

The most popular synthetic drugs are K2/Spice, Bath Salts, and Molly. Synthetic drugs are very popular because they are cheap, believed to be legal, and don’t show up on drug tests.

The most difficult problem with controlling synthetic drugs is that in order to make it illegal you have to have the exact chemical make-up. However, what the chemists who make these do is change the chemical makeup ever so slightly that it is no longer the same “substance” but still has the same effects. Many of the synthetic drugs are manufactured in China and shipped into the United States.

The most popular synthetic drug is synthetic marijuana, also know as K2, spice, and Scooby snax.  This is made my crushing up various plants and herbs and spraying them with a “synthetic compound” often containing toxic chemicals including lighter fluid and paint thinner. There are many negative effects to synthetic marijuana that users do not realize. The negative side effects that have been seen in emergency rooms are “convulsions, anxiety attacks, dangerous heart rate levels, and increased blood pressure. Regular users of the drug may experience withdrawal and addiction problems (What You Should Know)”. Synthetic marijuana is also known to cause permament kidney damage.