A taste of Italy just around the corner

Italian food is that type of food that is universally known for its good taste and versatility. At St. John’s, a lot of students might want to go out for a nice Italian dinner but have the idea that they would have to go further off campus to do so. If you think you fit into the category, you should check out Acquista Trattoria.

Right on the corner of Union Turnpike and 178th street you will find this recently renovated trattoria with a sense  of Italian tradition and humble food. The family owned and operated restaurant has been serving the community for years.

The staff recognizes a St. John’s student’s face and they won’t treat you different regardless of looking like a college student who may or may not be able to leave a good tip. The price of each dish ranges range from $7 and $24 dollars. Compared to the popular delivery or pick-up restaurants around the area, it may seem a little expensive, but the food’s quality is much better. If you aren’t up for the walk, though, you can request for them to deliver to your dorm.  The menu is quite vast. You will find different choices for appetizers, seafood, pasta, pizza, and more. There’s a lot to choose from in the menu and the portions are pretty filling. I myself ordered the fried calamari from the appetizer menu and it was a good portion if someone wants to share – I could not finish it alone. They are also pretty flexible if you want to substitute a side for your dish.

Acquista also provides tasty warm bread with some olives mixed in olive oil. However, if you arrive starving, I’d recommend you to ask the server or the busser to bring it over to the table, as they usually take a few minutes to do so.

For those who are usually wondering about space and how long you would wait for a table, there shouldn’t be any worries. It is a relatively big restaurant compared to those in the neighborhood. If you have been there before the renovation, you should check it out; it looks much better in terms of decoration and space. It is modern, yet still maintains its traditional Italian features.

Those with sweet teeth should try Acquista’s tiramisu. According to their website, the famed Italian dessert accounts for over 80 percent of the dessert sales every week. It’s so popular that on the staff’s uniform “I Love Tiramisu” is written on the back.

If you had a long week and are feeling in the mood to treat yourself to a nice dinner that isn’t entirely out of your budget, feel free to visit Acquista.