Amazon: The fresh prince

Cheyanne Gonzales, General Manager

Tired of having to commute to the grocery store every week and spend time trying to plan out a week worth of meals? Check out AmazonFresh and you can get same-day or next-day delivery.

Amazon launched their home grocery delivery service back in 2007 to select zip codes in the Seattle area.  By 2014, its same-day delivery service expanded to New York City.

To order from AmazonFresh, you must be a Prime member on Amazon, which is a membership you won’t regret. St. John’s students can get a first year Prime membership for free.

After the free year, as a student you will be charged $49 a year plus the $99 as a normal prime member.

With your Prime Student membership, you can try AmazonFresh for free as a trial run for one month. After the one month free trial, you can use AmazonFresh with a $299 annual fee (less than $25 a month).

When ordering AmazonFresh, you can choose what time and date you would like the items to come.

Their hours accomodate your schedule.  You must spend $50 or more on AmazonFresh, which is pretty easy when you’re buying a week’s worth of meals.

The items are all listed at reasonable prices, and some items match the local grocery store prices. When adding the items up compared to shopping at a grocery store, you’ll find that it is, at times, significantly cheaper through Amazon.

Amazon Fresh also allows you to purchase fruits, vegetables and greens through local farmers markets. Amazon categorizes the bundles according to what they may be best used for (roasting vegetables, stews, juices, etc.).

All of the vegetables that are delivered are incredibly fresh.  The brussel sprouts that were delivered came attached on their stem.

It doesn’t get much fresher than that.

When the items are delivered, you can check Doorstep Delivery or Attended Delivery with the the desired drop-off time. The bags the food is delivered in are eco-friendly, temperature-controlled tote bags. With Doorstep Delivery, you can receive the items within a three-hour time period. Attended Delivery ensures that you can receive the items within a one-hour time period.

The process is easy, fast and reliable. You don’t have to stress about planning your meals and being overwhelmed in the grocery store.The AmazonFresh process allows you to sit, think and take time in deciding by adding things, at your pace, into your online cart. Fresh foods, great service, no check-out lines.

Dip your feet in something new, something fresh.