Study spots cheat sheet

Here’s a list of some of the best places to help you get ready for finals

Suzanne Ciechalski, Opinion Editor

While final exams are one of the most hectic times in a student’s college career, we at St. John’s are lucky enough to have ample resources on campus to help relieve some stress. Whether you’re looking for a spot to curl up with your textbooks for a long night of reading or just a table to spread out notes and your laptop, SJU has it all.

The D’Angelo Center (DAC)

Particularly popular among students, DAC’s second and third floors provide the perfect spots to relax for a long night of studying. Plus, DAC is open 24 hours during final exam time.

Both floors hold couches and cushioned chairs that are great to unwind in when you’re in for a night of reading. On the second floor, long tables serve as the perfect spot to complete a group project. The availability of computers and printing resources on this floor doesn’t hurt either.

Need a boost of energy? The Starbucks located on the third floor is open for late nights during the exam period. There are also a multitude of tables and chairs spread throughout the café (great for setting up your laptop when hunkering down to write a paper or to spread notes and worksheets out). Not only does DAC provide a cozy atmosphere for days and nights of hard work, but it also holds a great amount of resources to aid students.

St. Augustine Hall

The library is the quintessential study spot for college students. At St. John’s we are fortunate to have a variety of resources available to us in ours.

For starters, the Writing Center, located on the first floor, is an excellent spot to get assistance and feedback on those long final papers that keep you up until all hours of the night. If you haven’t started using the Writing Center yet, finals are the perfect time to begin.

The library also holds a quiet study area for individual study as well as a group study area that can be reserved for group projects or studying with classmates.

The library’s greatest and maybe its most obvious asset is its great assortment of books and reference materials/services. We are also lucky enough to have a staff of librarians with a wealth of knowledge on various subjects. You can even schedule a one-on-one appointment with a librarian to go over research. At SJU, the library is so much more than just a spot to read and study. So, be sure to take advantage of it during this hectic time.

Study lounges/Residential 

Success Center

If you’re a resident student and don’t feel like trekking across campus to another building to study, don’t fret. While your bed is the probably the most convenient and comfortable place to study, it isn’t the only option. The lounges that you used to hangout in with friends this semester double as an excellent study spot.

You may love your suitemates, but everyone knows that being surrounded by friends 24/7 isn’t conducive to proper studying. If your floor lounges are too busy, residence halls also have quiet study lounges.

The Residential Success Center is also a great resource for resident students at SJU.  If you’re looking for tutoring or another quiet place to get your head in the books, the RSC is the spot for you.

Sullivan Computer Lab

Here at St. John’s, we know that technology is the cornerstone of modern education. That’s why the university provides us with laptops freshman year. More than ever, finals time is the best time to put that technology to use.

Many documents and other resources that are necessary for studying for exams are often uploaded online by professors, whether on Blackboard or sent via email. Why not head over to Sullivan’s spacious computer lab to get to work?

Not only is it a quiet space, but it also holds the laptop repair shop.

Students can use the computers provided in the lab or bring their own laptops. There are also black and white and color printers readily available for student use.


Classrooms can be the perfect failsafe for when other spots on campus aren’t working for you. It may seem like an obvious idea, but many students don’t realize that classrooms can be used to study either on your own or to organize group study sessions (as long as they aren’t in use, of course). Most classrooms have computers and projectors that can be especially useful when studying with classmates. Whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation or a video to supplement a lesson, the technology is available to aid you in your studies.

Classrooms are also the perfect place to get together with groups to rehearse presentations or complete group projects.

It’s obvious that SJU has no shortage of comfortable spots and accessible resources to help students succeed. Make sure to take advantage of all the university has to offer in terms of academic assistance this final exam season and make it your best yet.