Super Bowl 50: Where to munch?

Oumou Fofana , Staff Writer

Whether you are rooting for the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos, or you’re just watching it for the commercials, Super Bowl Sunday is the time where you munch on wings, nachos and other delicious foods. Here are four restaurants that are showing the anticipated Super Bowl 50 on big screen TVs and will make sure you are well fed during the game.

Buffalo Wild Wings is known for three things: wings, beer (if you’re old enough to drink) and sports. That is what people go there for. This restaurant is the kind of place that comes to mind when you think of football, that’s why this makes my top four places to watch the Super Bowl. Buffalo Wild Wings includes over 50 plasma TVs in different sizes, plus large screen projectors. The TVs are everywhere and viewable from so many different angles. A serving of six wings are only $4.99 and you get to choose from a generous amount of sauces.

T.G.I Friday’s serves a variety of food: burgers, pasta, seafood and steak. They are well known for their selection of Jack Daniels courses. Each entree comes with Jack Daniels sauce within it or on the side, which adds to its deliciousness. They also have really good deals like endless appetizers. Currently they have a 474 For Life Deal, where you can get an appetizer for $4, an entree for $7, and a dessert for $7. There is a huge selection of tasty drinks to choose from which would just be the cherry on top to your Super Bowl night.

Beauty & Essex is located on the Lower East Side. For this year’s Super Bowl, they will be having specials that include pulled pork sliders for $8 and tuna wonton nachos with avocado pico de gallo for $16. They also do raffles in between the game. If you get lucky and your raffle ticket gets drawn during each quarter, you might even win a cool prize.
The Meatball Shop in Chelsea and Williamsburg will screen the Super Bowl. During the game, you can snack on a game-day pizza-inspired meatball at the restaurant. If you much rather watch it at home or just enjoy the specials and want to get take out, you can get a Bucket of Balls for $50, and that comes with 25 meaty spheres and a choice of whatever sauces you want. This is a restaurant where Football fans and meatball fans unite. Mini Buffalo chicken balls are served during the first quarter of the game. Also, along with the regular menu, $4 Pabst Blue Ribbons will be offered as the Super Bowl plays on the big screen.