NYFW Street Style

Jackson Ray, Contributing Writer

I started shooting street style when I got my camera in January of 2016. I always admired street style photography on Instagram and in fashion publications. So naturally I wanted it for my own website that I run called fashionmovesforward.com.

At first it was definitely rough because I wasn’t experienced, but each week I saw improvement in my photos. I decided that photography was going to be one of the most important parts about my blog, because who doesn’t like to look at nice images?

I started shooting look books for my friends, which I would feature on the site, and then eventually I started shooting runway photos at the shows I was invited to. So I have been exposed to a variety of different styles of photography, but my eye for it hasn’t changed. So because of this, I believe I have a certain style that is continuing to get better.

Fashion week is always busy between street style photos and runway photos because of the constant photo editing and write ups that follow.

Lots of memory cards and batteries are used for sure.

This fashion week I have been shooting street style outside of the shows, which is always fun because you get to see influential people in the fashion industry and what they are wearing. You get a chance to capture exciting moments in time, which is what fashion week is all about.

I was even lucky enough to be invited to Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4. A year ago, I remember standing outside of Yeezy Season 2 shooting street style, and now it has come full circle because I was actually invited to Season 4.

It was a crazy experience being surrounded by every celebrity you could imagine, and even crazier sitting next to 2 Chainz and Pusha T.

As soon as the show started I began to take pictures of each look, and then after the show was over I had a chance to chat with Pusha T, and even captured a picture of Kanye, which was pretty insane to be completely honest.

It was a humbling experience for me because all of the hard work I had done within one year was starting to pay off with experiences like this. I love having the opportunity to take pictures of events and of what people are wearing, because I think it is important to share experiences that hopefully inspire people to dress better, or to work harder at what they aspire to do in life.

So if you find yourself in Soho wearing a #firefit you will probably be on my website the following Monday.