Get the ‘scoop’ on Eddie’s Sweet Shop

Isabella Bruni, Chief Copy Editor


The art of the ice cream sundae and float has slowly lost touch with today’s generation and has been replaced by Dippin’ Dots and smoothies. Lactose deficiencies and vegan choices seem to be common lifestyles for many college students, but doesn’t divulging into a huge bowl of ice cream with whipped cream and hot fudge just sound amazing?

Located at 105-29 Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills, Queens is a hidden gem that keeps the tradition of ice cream desserts called Eddie’s Sweet Shop, which is only a ten minute drive from campus.

With a history dating all the way back to 1909, Eddie’s holds onto its classic charm with their original register, marble countertop and one of the first electric refrigerators from the 1960s. When you walk through the doors, there is a certain aura that makes it seem like you’ve travelled back in time where a sundae would cost under a dollar.

Eddie’s is known for their homemade ice-cream that is rich in taste and has just the right amount of sweetness. Their prices are doable, ranging from five dollars to nine dollars for their various choices of sundaes, floats, shakes, freezes and banana splits, as well as simple ice cream scoops. The price ranges by scoop for sundaes, ice cream sodas, dishes and add on toppings.

I ordered a sundae with coffee chip ice-cream, whipped cream and M&M’s that came to me served on a literal silver platter. My three friends and I went to Eddie’s and ordered an ice cream soda with coca-cola, an ice cream cone with coconut and raspberry sherbet, and a sundae with coconut and hot fudge. The portion sizes were not large, but they were filling and very satisfying.

The ice-cream itself was so much better than any ice cream brand from a box, but the real special factor from Eddie’s is the atmosphere. I could almost imagine girls in poodle skirts sharing milkshakes and greaser and jocks hanging out. If you ever want to venture off campus to just get away for a bit, then go for a quick dessert at Eddie’s Sweet Shop.