Six reasons why Fall is every girl’s favorite season

Brittani A. Wright, Contributing Writer

Summertime in New York City has finally come to an end, and Sept. 22 commenced the beautiful season of autumn. With “End of Summer” sales blowing out all of your top retailer stores, and pumpkin spice taking over all your go-to drinks at Starbucks, a cascade of colorful leaves all over the city will soon have us all in the fall spirit. As the temperature lowers from the blazing 90’s to a cooler 70’s, it’s finally time to put our bralettes, shorts, and sandals away and grab our scarves, trench coats, and UGG boots. Fall is every fashionista’s favorite season and here are 6 reasons why.


  1. Layering

As the trees become more and more bare, and the temperatures finally start settling down, it’s officially that time of year to start layering your cutest outfits. For those of us that can pull of a nice color block, layering is a great way to blend different color schemes to pull off the perfect fall look. Also, for the days it’s extra chilly in the morning and gets hot by noon, layering is a foolproof way to keep cool.


  1. Fall Colors

May it be the colors you find throughout nature or the colors in your closet, the maroons, browns, mustard yellows, and olive greens make everything about fall even more enjoyable. ‘Tis the season for sooty cosmetics such as Hang-Up and Fresh Moroccan lipsticks from MAC or Partner In Crime and Bahama Mama nail lacquers from Essie. The warm colors of the leaves are pure bliss, so why not match,it’s fly.


  1. Halloween

If there’s one thing the infamous “Mean Girls” taught us. Halloween is that one holiday where ladies can take their fashion sense and creativity to the next level. And not to mention the candy.




  1. Cold Weather

Sweater Weather is finally upon us and it couldn’t have came sooner. The hot summer New York days have finally came to an end, and as much as we loved the past few months filled with Vitamin D, we’re ready for our cool fall days. As fashionista’s all over start pulling turtlenecks and UGG’s out of their closets, we all bid a lovely farewell to ‘Summer ’16’.


  1. Boots

If you haven’t invested in a nice pair of fall boots yet, what could you possibly be waiting for? With Instagram retailers such as SimmiShoes and PublicDesire serving all your footwear aesthetics, it’s not hard to find the perfect pair of boots for you personal style. Whether you’re a thigh high kind of woman or you like to keep it simple with a pair of black ankle booties, it’s time to strut your stuff.


  1. Straight Hair

With humid, summer days out of the way, ladies can say goodbye to kinky, wavy and curly hairstyles and finally whip out those flat irons to bring straight hair back. Not only is the long hair look aesthetically pleasing, it also keeps your ears warm from the cold, for those of us that hate uncomfortable earmuffs.