Essentials for any girl’s wardrobe

Budget pieces that you need to stock up for the fall

Victoria Lohwasser, Staff Writer

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world,” says Miuccia Prada. Clothing is the first thing people see about you and ultimately, is your first impression. Therefore, we must always have our go-to items on hand.  

Leggings, jeans, a basic tee, and a little black dress are foundations to any outfit. They’ll take us to school, work, a night out and back again.

Ladies, forget diamonds. Our real best friends are leggings. They’re completely versatile. In the classroom, pair your leggings with a regular v-neck or scoop-neck tee. Any color at all. Layering is essential—so throw on a long cardigan. Neutral colored cardigans (black, tan, gray, white) complement colored shirts.

Depending where you work, this outfit may be appropriate too. Dress it up by adding a scarf or necklace. Chokers are popular right now, so a simple black one will definitely get a lot of use. Going out? You don’t have to take off those comfy leggings, just add a tunic. It’s simple and stylish.  

A great investment is a jean jacket. Jackets from H&M and Forever21 start at $20. You can get any wash—light, dark, acid, even black. Adding patches to jackets are becoming trendy, so stop by Francesca’s Collections to pick them up. While you’re there check out their array of flannels. You always need a good flannel.

Instant outfit: leggings, white tee, denim jacket, flannel tied around waist with converse or Adidas style sneakers and a black choker.

Onto jeans. They hug your curves, accentuate your waist and slim those hips—it’s impossible not to love them! Jeans match everything, so re-wear that t-shirt-cardigan ensemble or pair your flannel with a denim jacket. Remember that long tunic? Well, it’d look great with skinny jeans or jeggings.

Dressing up jeans is easy. Take out your little booties and add any top you want. Fashion designer, Bill Blass says, “when in doubt, wear red.” It’s honestly one of the few colors that looks good on everyone.

A black blazer is a must-have. Blazers automatically label your outfit as simply chic. Substitute a cardigan for a blazer and your simple shirt will shine in a whole new way.

Instant outfit: Skinny jeans, casual top, black blazer, a necklace and your little booties or some heels.

A little black dress is a necessity. Dress it up, down and every way in between. For school, add a flannel and either sneakers or boots. Substitute the flannel for a denim jacket. For work, add the blazer and if you’re going out, roll up the sleeves a little and add some colored pumps. Add-ons for a black dress are easy. A colored scarf or necklace is the perfect accessory. Remember, “Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady,” says Edith Head, a costume designer.

Instant outfit: Black dress with colored pumps and a simple necklace.

Ladies, all you need are four pairs of shoes. 1. Sandals. Any kind—you choose! 2. Converses or Adidas Superstars—black and white are the easiest to match, but whatever works for you. 3. Boots. Booties or combat boots—you choose! 4. Black pumps. They’re perfect for a little black dress, jeans and even leggings.

Be confident in mixing and matching these basic items. Soon, everyone will be following your styling ways.