Why October 3rd is a Mean Girls National Holiday

Carissa Herb

The month of October can mean many things to different people. For some it gives them a reason to break out the Ugg boots and drink pumpkin spiced lattes. For others it brings back sweet childhood memories of snuggling up by a slow burning fire, popcorn in hand watching the classic production, Mean Girls

Now October 3rd is a memorable day for most Mean Girl movie junkies. The build up to Aaron Samuels finally talking to Cady Heron was so intense how could we forget the first day he talked to her, even if it was only because he needed to know the date.

 Some may think that October 3rd should be more than another day on the calendar, but unfortunately the topic to make it a holiday is not on the table. But who wouldn’t want another reason not to go to class and support our movie industry? In order to persuade you or those who are opposed to this argument to break out their miniskirts and cut up tank tops:

  1. With one holiday you could get two. Every October 3rd and Wednesdays would become super holidays. This year’s 3rd of October fell on a Monday, but in two years’ time we could have it fall on a Wednesday, making it possible for you to finally have a reason to wear a pink jumpsuit in honor of Regina George’s mom.
  2. The possibilities for memes are unlimited. You thought Star Wars was a big deal, but October 3rd could be a baby May 4th.
  3. You get to wear pink.
  4. Like I mentioned before, making this day a holiday could give you another reason to not have to be a responsible member of society.
  5. We have national Pancake Day and a day to celebrate polka dots; making October 3rd a holiday is the least we can do to let Tina Fey take the spotlight again with this riot of a film.

Mean girls might not have had such a major effect on your life as it has on others, but it’s a great movie to watch for guidelines on how to take control of the popularity pyramid of high school.