What to bring on your first Thanksgiving home with your S/O

Kayla Gonzalez

Thanksgiving is that time of the year where we dress up in our favorite fall colored outfits and where overeating turkey and mashed potatoes is a must. But what happens when you go to your significant other’s house for thanksgiving break?

What do you bring, what do you wear, what do you do? Gift ideas are already hard when you are picking them out for your boyfriend/girlfriend, and it’s even harder picking out the perfect thing for their parents.

First impressions are everything, so getting the perfect gift is essential. There are a variety of things that you can purchase to win the hearts of parents.

Here are some helpful hints that could potentially help in your search for the golden ticket to winning the hearts of your significant other’s parents.

Thanksgiving is known for eating tasty foods and appreciating family, so you can never go wrong with bringing a dish. If it is homemade, even better, you can show off your cooking skills. Yummy ideas include pie, some pastries or even purchasing a bottle of wine if you are of age. If not, bring over apple cider. Still a winner.

“You can’t go wrong with sweet potato pie with marshmallows,” said sophomore Matthew Daquin who loves bringing over this sweet dessert to his girlfriend’s home during the break.

Parents love when their home smells festive, so candles are the second best thing to bring home for them. The moms will definitely love this idea. Hit up a candle store and choose from the copious amounts of scented candles. They are an easy yet thoughtful gift.

Junior Angel Peraza, talks about his idea of the perfect gift, “You know, something that represents something important for that person, but also means something meaningful for you.”

So it is not always about who the gift is for, but how much effort and time you put into picking the perfect gift for your companion’s parents.

Lastly you can bring over the typical gift of flowers. You can never go wrong with fresh smelling flowers that could be placed in your loved ones home. These can be used as a simple decoration that will light up any room.

Whether it’s flowers, candles or something yummy to eat, your significant other’s family will enjoy anything that you took time to think about. Parents love thoughtful gifts from the heart, so don’t be afraid to get creative to show his/her parents how much you care with a gift that is meaningful for to you. This will also show just how grateful you are to be spending turkey day with them.

Everybody loves getting to spend time with their families on a day that is known for giving thanks for the blessings that come with everyday life. So make it extra special by bringing something over to your sweethearts home to bring more than just a smile to their face, but to their families face as well. Happy shopping lovers.