Top 5 thoughts after winter break from a senior

Wandy Ortiz, Staff Writer


This will be your first and last thought about everything? How has it already been four years? How did I manage to survive? How do I look for a real job?

2.) I miss Monty’s

Let’s be real- it’s always about food. Do you remember at orientation when OLs would say, “Where there’s glass, there’s food?”

3.)  This is the last time I’ll ever_______

Go to the Winter Carnival, attend Tip- Off, use Blackboard, swipe my Storm Card, Relay, pretend to go to the gym but don’t…


This semester will either feel like it’s going to be the fastest, easiest one you’ve ever had, or the longest hardest semester of your academic career. The anticipation for graduation day will have you saying “FINALLY,” or reminding yourself that all good things come to an end.

5.) Thank you

This last semester, you’ll be thanking everyone from the professor who drops the lowest test grade to the guy at Sullivan who lets you use his printing money.