Fair Trade Food Guide

Alexia Dolamakian, Staff Writer

St. John’s for fair trade is working to bring more fair trade products to campus outlets. The fair trade committee on campus, which consists of students, administration and professors, is advocating for more education about marginalized workers and farmers who deserve a better life. They create the fair trade chocolate, coffee and t-shirts you may see around our campus. Here you will find a guide to some fair trade goods at St. John’s.

Honest Tea: Mike Mozart Flixr
Let’s start at the main gate on campus; Gate 1. Through the large gates and towards the great lawn, behold the Law School to your right. Upon entrance to the first floor there is a dining hall with different food vendors as well as separate snacks for a pay and go option. There you will find a fair trade drink option, Honest Tea: Pomegranate Blue certified by Fair Trade USA. Another fair trade option, and a popular snack, are the Ben & Jerry’s individual ice creams; Ben & Jerry’s is certified by Fair Trade Federation.

Continuing to the next vendor on campus, St. Augustine Hall, you will find on the first floor a small area to grab a bite before studying or checking out some books. At Red Mango you will find that there are a few drink options. Keep an eye out for the Seattle’s Best fair trade coffees and teas, all of which are certified by Fair Trade USA.

Next on the map is Marillac Hall. You may be surprised that fair trade goods may be found in the Marillac Cafe too. At the basement level you can find Honest Tea and a variety of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Make sure to look for the Fair Trade Federation Certification label on your ice cream before you check out your snacks. If you find yourself saving up for some college gear rather than a snack splurge.

If you are in a rush and need a pick me up, stop by Marillac 239, also known as the Campus Ministry Office for a K-cup of fair trade coffee, but don’t tell everyone, the campus ministry office is unique for its quiet space and free coffee policy.

The D’Angelo Center too has fair trade items to purchase. Although Starbucks has had some credibility issues in the media regarding their ethical trading, they have a fair trade certification by third party company Conservation International. The Sodano Coffeehouse Starbucks carries three varieties of coffee for sale.

Ben and Jerry’s The Original Flixr
Another place to get your coffee fix- morning, afternoon and evening- is Montgoris Dining Hall. The Seattle’s Best vanilla roast is Fair Trade USA certified and sure to give you a buzz. Check out the C-store for Fair Trade Ben & Jerry’s varieties too.

If you are an avid coffee or tea drinker these fair trade options are worth a chance at your heart. Sending gifts home? The t-shirts online or at the bookstore are a great gift and ethical exchange for loved ones. All tour guiding aside, St. John’s University is working harder than ever to provide ethical products for purchase on campus. Thanks to dedicated volunteers and supporting faculty, the school is already making a difference in the fair trade movement.