Where to get affordable bites in Harlem

From baguettes to salmon or shrimp, bites from as low as $2.25 to $14

Levain Bakerys offerings include scones and cookies, which are put on display for sale.


Levain Bakery’s offerings include scones and cookies, which are put on display for sale.

Jennifer Bogus, Staff Writer

If there is one thing that unifies college students, it’s food. There is nothing like eating a good meal after becoming so accustomed to Monty’s and takeout.

One of the most difficult parts of living in NYC is that a good meal can come at a great price. The trick is to find a good restaurant that has menu items for a reasonable price. Hopefully, my recommendations will help you solve this problem.

Picture it, destination: Harlem. A place so rich with culture that it had its own renaissance. A place oozing with so much culture, some feel as though it should be its own borough.

Oftentimes,  when people go to Harlem, their food destinations are Sylvia’s Restaurant of Harlem or Amy Ruth’s. While both of these places are rich in history, the quality of the food has changed and the pricing has gone up. So to keep our wallets full, along with our stomachs, a good place to try is Lola’s Seafood Shack.

Lola’s Seafood Shack is a great destination especially now that summer is approaching. Lola’s is located at 303 W. 116th st. and they serve a combination of Caribbean and New England-style seafood dishes.

A great dish to try is the crab cakes with the garlic fries. It is an absolute treat to your taste buds and easy on your pockets.

For $14, you can get a lunch box that includes salmon or shrimp with rice and your choice of sauce and a Coco Rico soda.

If you are looking for authentic southern food, Charles Country Pan Fried Chicken is the place for you.

Located on 132nd Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard, the restaurant is known for its community feel and delicious fried chicken.

In addition to the fried chicken, people also love the smothered pork chops, turkey wings, collards, okra and corn.

The best thing about the restaurant is that it has a buffet where you can taste a little of everything for only $15. Pretty manageable.

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, Levain Bakery is a nice place to consider. They are known for their large chocolate chip cookies. The cookies are great but can be a bit pricey.

Since we are being cost effective Levain also has brioches, buns, bomboloni, scone and rolls for two or three dollars. You can also get a baguette with jam for $2.50. So it all depends on what you’re in the mood for. This bakery is located at 2167 Frederick Douglass Blvd.

I hope this helps you out when deciding what to eat and where to go the next time you’re in Harlem.

Harlem is filled with flavor and pizazz and the food has the same kick. Bon Appetit!