Tips for Staying Organized This School Year

Tiffany Heravi, Staff

As the thrill of starting of the new semester becomes overshadowed by the endless amount of work that piles up, students feel the stress mounting. Staying organized is key to being successful in school, as well as all parts of your life. Decluttering is actually good for your health! When you arrange your life, imagine yourself arranging the space inside your brain as well. You will feel like you have the room to accomplish your tasks.

To start, make sure you have the tools to keep yourself organized. Supplies such as planners, folders, and binder dividers can be found for cheap at the dollar store. There is a school supply section virtually everywhere from the grocery store to the pharmacy. Look for colors and styles that you enjoy- having fun looking options will make you more inclined to use your products.

If you have the means to splurge a little more on an item, then I suggest making it your planner. This one book should become the most important piece to you and the cornerstone to your organization. Get into the habit of whipping it out on the daily to keep track of all your assignments and appointments. Start every semester by going through your class syllabi and write down every important date listed.

Typically a planner begins each month with a picture of an open calendar, and then launches into the space for each day.  A pro tip is to flip to that calendar page after you have put in an important event in your daily space and log it there as well. This way you can see an overview of the crucial events for the  month, such as midterm exams and vacation days. While I advocate for having a physical planner, there are also planner applications you can download on your phone. Find one that works across all your devices that way you have constant access to your calendar.

Your virtual space is important to keep organized as well. Create clearly labeled folders in your documents. The best way is to have a folder dedicated to each semester, and then within that, a folder for each class. Go through your desktop from time to time and clear away any items that are not necessary for quick access on a regular basis. To save memory on your computer old files can be moved to a flash drive or uploaded to a cloud service.

In a similar vein, make your desk conducive to productivity. Take care not to overfill your desk with photos and tchotchkes, instead create an open plan where you have the space to utilize your books and laptop. A supply organizer is the best piece for your desk, it will keep all your items arranged as well as allow for quick access when you need to grab an item like a pen or highlighter.

A college dorm room can be a tight space, so utilize options such bins and drawers that can easily fit under your bed or in the closet. There is a wide range of colors and styles to pick from. Looking online is a great way to find inspiration.

Do your best to keep organized on the daily, of course with hectic schedules the mess can add up. Take time at the end of the week to having a cleaning session, for everything from your planner to your bathroom. Having an ordered space will leave you feeling more calm and collected, putting you in the best position when the week begins again. Keep calm and stay organized!