Canceled Class? Here’s What To Do As a Commuter

Rachel Johnson, Contributing Writer

Everyone loves receiving an email stating that class is canceled. It’s a refreshing break from a weekly class routine.

When this happens, resident students can chill in their room, but for commuters, finding out a class is canceled can be frustrating. Especially with the cold weather fast approaching, it can be a drag for a commuter to travel all the way to campus, only to find out that they have no class to attend. Despite initial boredom or annoyance, a commuter can still make good use of a canceled class. You can…

Sleep in

If you’re lucky enough to find out about your canceled class before you leave home, then go ahead and crawl back into bed and get a couple extra hours of sleep. As college students, we need to seize every opportunity for sleep we get; before we know it, finals will be around, and we all know what happens to our sleep schedules then.

Get some work done

If you’re not so lucky and find out only after having arrived on campus, using the time you would have spent in class to do work is a great opportunity. Use that time to get ahead on work, study for your next test, or visit a professor’s office hours. The more you get done, the less stressed you’ll be, and you’ll have more free time over the weekend!

Explore St. John’s or the city

With a campus as big as St. John’s is, there’s no way any student could have explored it all. And, as a commuter, you probably don’t know the campus as well as a resident student. Use your time to walk around the parts of campus you don’t normally go to. You might just find a hidden treasure that becomes your new favorite hangout spot.

Have you ever stood on the balcony behind DAC overlooking DaSilva Memorial Field? It’s a great spot to watch the sunset. Do you know where the Red Storm Café is? Or the picnic tables next to the Tobin College of Business? Go find them!

Or, venture out into New York City if you have time! Visit a Borough you’ve never been to! Go to that desert place from Instagram that you’ve been dying to visit! Try out one of New York City’s endless supply of pizza shops that you’ve never eaten at! (I completely recommend John’s Pizzeria on W. 44th Street. Best NY Style Pizza EVER!) Even with four years here, the City can never be fully explored.

Go to a club or event

St. John’s constantly has great clubs and events going on. And it can be annoying when a club you really wanted to join or an event you were really excited about is at the same time as your class. With your class canceled, now you can go! Take advantage of everything St. John’s has to offer, because there’s a lot.

Hang out with friends

As a commuter, forming close relationships with your fellow Johnnies can sometimes be a struggle. The dormers are around each other 24/7, and commuters who don’t spend all their time on campus can sometimes feel a little left out.

And that’s no one’s fault; it’s just circumstance. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have deep friendships with your classmates. It just takes a little more effort. Use time off from class to invite someone to grab Starbucks, or play a game of pool in DAC!

Being intentional about hanging out is all it takes to make your friends feel like family.