Fall Looks: Get Bold Yet Subtle

Alexis Gaskin, Staff Writer

When people think of the fall time, they usually think of leaves changing, pumpkin spice, Halloween, and others (mostly the makeup enthusiasts) warm-toned makeup looks! With main color palettes of oranges, burgundies, purples and metallic shades like copper and gold, all makeup looks showcase the true fall spirit and make you want to pull out your long-forgotten sweaters and drink hot apple cider.

Lucky for us Johnnies, we are in the perfect place to see all of the amazing changes that fall brings, with green leaves turning to oranges and reds, several St. John’s students were inspired to create makeup looks that perpetuate the fall time. Anoosha Hamid, sophomore, Amber Reeves, junior, and Alexis Ruiz, sophomore, are some students who showcased their love and talent for makeup to create fall makeup looks.

A good fall makeup look has the prominent dark lip, brushed out brows, subtle highlight, and bold yet subtle eyeshadow.

Makeup use is always evolving and is now more prominent than ever with the beauty community progressing and having more diversity.

“Beauty and fashion are two social aspects that took me a long time to embrace, because of how exclusive of a field it used to be” Ruiz said. “Thankfully, times have changed, and I’ve been shown that the beauty community has become more accepting of all people, no matter their size, shape, or background.”

Ruiz created a subtle orange-based look with a dewy highlight that embraced her tan skin tone. She used the “Fem Rosa” eyeshadow palette by Colourpop to create her orangey eyeshadow look along with a pop of blue eyeliner. She also used Fenty Beauty foundation in the shade 330 Warm to create a matte face look that allowed her eyes and cheeks to be the center of attention.

“It’s so easy to do a simple face look then pop on some strong bronze shadows on your lids,” Ruiz said. “Some rosy blush on your cheeks take your look to the next level.”

Reeves, who is no stranger to using bright colors in her makeup routine, is always trying to mix it up and create vivid makeup looks no matter the season. Her fall inspired look is reminiscent of Halloween time and the darker hues of the sunset in general. With a palette focused on purple hues and a basic lip color, the attention for this look is the vivid color of the eyes.

Hamid, who is an avid supporter of Huda Beauty cosmetics, a brand owned by a Middle Eastern woman, is always down for a dramatic and dark look.

“I’ve always loved the edgy, very ‘out there’ makeup looks and I feel like by doing that, I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone,” she said. “Being a Middle Eastern woman like myself it’s great to see how we are becoming a larger part of the beauty community.”

Hamid takes on the fall makeup looks in a full glam cut-crease using dark reds, burgundies, and gold tones to create an eye-catching look that is reminiscent of changing leaves.

Hamid used Huda Beauty eyelashes and a Fenty Beauty highlighter in the shade “Trophy Wife” to take her look from full glam to dramatic luxury.

Whether you’re going a full glam look or a simple subtle vibe, the fall is a chance to experiment with warmer shades that are easy to use and gives everyone a chance to have a more comfortable, laid-back look while still being glamorous.