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Introducing “Health Matters”

A new student-run column about student health, wellness

As a biology major, the majority of my time is spent either with my face buried inside my science textbook or at hospitals, attempting to gain as much exposure to the medical field as I can.

While that passion to help others is what gets me out of bed every morning to my 7:30 a.m. lab, I think there is something just as thrilling about being able to do this through a how-to column.

Through my experiences, I have noticed many discrepancies within the teaching of medical education and the way that information is relayed, not only to patients, but to students as well.  

Often, science majors are bombarded with sophisticated medical jargon that ends up sounding like a lot of gibberish.

With time, we seem to lose interest in a career we were once so enthusiastic about because all of our years of education have consisted of strict memorization, barely giving us a platform to apply our knowledge until we are deemed proficient by a standardized test score.

This column will be a collaborative, weekly column that I want to invite all science majors to take part in.

We need to show the world that the laboratory isn’t the only place where science majors belong, and the information we can help spread is vital to a great university experience.

I want to encourage all science majors to participate in this column and write about things that truly interest them.

Topics to be discussed can be broad and range anywhere from modern research on the human brain to the discussion of ethics in healthcare to health tips for students during the exam season.

Having shadowed doctors and surgeons for a while now, I have gained knowledge from my experiences, and I’ve learned from some of the most successful surgeons, surgical residents and med students.

I want to share this knowledge with students, as well as relay tips that could help others pursuing science majors, such as how a student can improve his or her chances at getting into medical school.

Not only would there be benefits in helping science majors rediscover their passions and gain helpful information regarding their future endeavors, but the benefits would also be tremendous for the St. John’s community as a whole.

It is important that even those who aren’t into the sciences know about advancements in science as well how to take care of themselves to prevent common illnesses and conditions. We are our body’s own doctors and it is imperative that as youth, we understand them. There is a plethora of things to write about when it comes to health and medicine. Medicine has no set audience, and everyone needs to be educated when it comes to their health.

The goal in launching this health column is to benefit the St. John’s community and all of its students. Whether the benefit lies in the genuine passion one gets to develop by participating in the column, or simply in the advice one can use to better their own health, we can all agree on one thing: medicine matters. I look forward to helping every student achieve a happier and healthier 2018.

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