The Secret Key to Succeeding at ‘Fashion Industry Night’



Panelists gave students the inside scoop on succeeding in the fashion world.

Joselyn Lin, Contributing Writer

Fashion Industry Night hosted by the Tobin College of Business Marketing Department gave students an insight to the transformation within the fashion world on Thursday, March 1.

Students were able to hear from panelists Ana Martins, communications president; Rinat Brodach, New York Fashion Week fashion designer; Tatiana Ferreira, Launchmetrics chief customer officer; Vicky Yang-Society Management talent and digital strategy manager; Dr. Iris Mohr, moderator chief of marketing and Lauren McClain, vice president of communications where they answered questions and gave their take on topics from technology to blogs in the fashion world.

One question that was asked was how these experts felt about technology. McClain explained how technology has allowed top brand names like Tommy Hilfiger to communicate and work with Calvin Klein by connecting  data metrics and design trends. Ferreira said technology has helped to track who wears what.

Sample galleries help brands track digital products notifying companies if celebrities like Kendall Jenner wear Chanel, and posts it on social media so companies can determine how much the post is. Martins said technology allows celebrities to sponsor products and spread the word which improves which helps business statistics.

Technology has allowed Brodach to create a platform for herself through social media. Social media has given her free publicity and grows awareness to her business, allowing clients to direct message her for buying her outfits.

Next the experts answered questions about new trends. McClain said fashion is cyclical, what is old will become new again. Past trends will allow designers to determine whether or not this trend is “in” or “out,” as fashion is constantly changing. Ana Martins talked about why every business needs to handle their aesthetic properly.

Brodach gave advice to listeners and said, “Be unique, most importantly be you, because every individual has a message and expresses themselves in a different way.”

Another trend Yang pointed out, is individuality. She argued that confidence and the authenticity of the message that person is giving to that individual’s audience is enticing. She also mentioned how more and more companies are seeking diverse talents and looks to draw in diverse consumers.

The experts also talked about how the significance of fashion bloggers have changed over the past few years.

Yang says room fashion blogging is underestimated. Yang said, “It’s sad to say that in today’s generation, there are no detailed stories just short storyline after storyline by journalists. Everyone wants short and sweet.” Yang discussed how important it is to establish knowledge and educate yourself because the audience will depend on you for advice.

Martins said fashion bloggers aren’t going anywhere — blogging tells a story. Ferreira says there are many different bloggers with different fashion tastes and audiences, so different brands must contact different bloggers. It doesn’t matter if a blogger has over a million followers, what matters is the trust with the audience. If a blogger has a thousand people that will listen to him or her and take the blogger’s opinion, it is better than having a million who don’t care. McClain said she couldn’t agree more. In the beginning, bloggers weren’t treated well but now losing a blogger with followers is costly.

As a result, fashion industry night helped many students who were interested in pursuing a career in fashion and business.

Freshman Clarissa Alvarez said she learned something that she never knew about the growing economy of fashion and business and how much work it takes to succeed.

Freshman Asia Cureton said she was glad she came and was thankful to hear tips and advice from talented experts that have overcome obstacles and made it big.