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Survival Guide to a Healthy Semester

Welcome back, Johnnies! I hope everyone had a great summer – and hope that you were paying somewhat attention to your liver while you were chugging down those margaritas by the beach. No? Eh, I figured.

With the beginning of the semester now upon us, it remains imperative that we begin training our minds and bodies to getting back into tip-top shape. I’ve compiled a survival guide on how you can take the proper measures to remain physically and mentally fit this semester. And no, eating fish tacos by the boardwalk sadly isn’t on the list.

  1. Stay Ahead of Class.

Let’s be real. We are all recovering from that post-summer brain fog. During those three months, we forgot how to add and our handwriting now looks as if we’ve been practicing medicine for years. So, how do we get back on that school grind? Well, it starts off by putting in a bit more effort than you usually would. Spend that weekend looking at the chapter that your professor is going to discuss the following week. No one’s saying you have to homeschool yourself on the topic. Just familiarize yourself.  

  1. Keep a Clear Mind and Stay Focused.

Now’s not the time to party hard and regret it the next day. Your social life may have bloomed during the summer, but it’s  time to cut out some of those distractions. Your significant other or your best friend is just going to have to understand that you have other responsibilities now. Keep your end goal in mind and strive towards reaching it. Apply to those internships. Get that new job. Shadow that doctor. But remember, be able to manage your time while doing so.  Don’t fall behind on your classes.

  1. Prioritize.

So much to do and so little time? This semester, is your new best friend. If you’re anything like me and have a bit of OCD about these sort of things, then you’re going to love this website. Here, you can craft your schedule as you wish and choose your own color preferences. Once you have made your schedule, save it and print it. Keep it around with you or take a picture of it. Plan out a study schedule, a life schedule or a school schedule. I recommend making a weekly schedule, as it is easier to keep track of and you can always change it around to make it fit to your needs.  Just stay organized and do not forget your obligations. With that being said, it remains crucial to prioritize. You’re not going to have time for everything. You are only human.

  1. Find Your Stress Reliever.

School can be stressful,remember to sit down and breathe if it gets to be too much. When you find yourself getting stressed, do something to help you unwind. Find your stress reliever. Watch that T.V. series you love. Go out for a jog. Call your best friend. Go get that bubble tea. You deserve it! Everyone feels stressed at some point but we can’t let it affect our overall health and performance.

  1. Eat!

Most college students seem to forget to do this, as strange as it may sound. We become so preoccupied with our studies that we don’t take care of ourselves. It is important to eat! Remember to feed your body with nutrients.  Pack food full of protein and snack throughout the day. This will help keep you feeling fuller for longer. Eating large meals will leave you feeling as if you’re about to enter a food coma, so try eating four to five small meals a day if you are in for a day full of studying. It will prove to be much more effective as your body will continue to burn this food and use it as an energy source. Lastly, don’t forget your berries! Berries are full of antioxidants and will not only give you an energy boost, but will prevent you from getting sick by helping your immune system.

By following all these simple, yet effective tips, you’re on your way to owning this school year.


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