Cozy and Chic: Winter’s 2022 Fashion Predictions

With warmer months coming to an end, here are the winter 2022-2023 fashion trend predictions!


Photo Courtesy / Unsplash Alyssa Strohmann

As November is coming to an end, winter fashion trends are quickly approaching while the weather gets colder. Many predicted winter trends are similar to the fashion we have seen this fall – from expressive knitwear to the revival of mary jane loafers. This year’s New York Fashion Week, held in September, set the stage for the biggest fall and winter trends of the season. Below are some of the biggest fashion statements to look out for this winter!


Photo Courtesy / Unsplash David Karp

A popular shoe in the 1960s, loafers or “mary janes” have become increasingly popular again. Whether they are a platform heel or more of a flat shoe, loafers can easily be styled with outfits ranging from jeans to skirts and dresses. Classy and versatile, loafers are a perfect addition to a winter wardrobe, especially when worn with tights or higher socks.


Photo Courtesy / Unsplash laurence la madeleine

Another popular trend this fall and winter is the corset top. Easy-to-layer and a bold statement, the corset top and style have been on the runway and extremely prominent in Gen Z fashion. Some of the most beloved corset tops can be found at Urban Outfitters, or more specifically, the Modern Love Corset.

Plain Tank Tops

Photo Courtesy / Unsplash Joshua Rawson-Harris

Classic but timeless, pairing a plain white or black tank top with your favorite pair of jeans and an oversized coat is a simple yet elegant outfit for the winter. These staple colors leave room for creativity when picking out pants and jackets, especially those with textures and colors. Corduroy, leather and knitwear can be paired with plain tanks to elevate any winter outfit.


Photo Courtesy / Unsplash rocknwool

Knitwear has always been a popular and cozy look for the winter, but 2022 trends show more eccentric colors and chaotic patterns. From vests to cardigans, sweaters are a comfy yet trendy option for the winter. Geometric patterns, bright colors and oversized fits are also in style this winter! A personal favorite look of mine are “grandpa sweaters,” or sweaters with a look that provide warmth and a vintage feel.

Puffer Jackets

Photo Courtesy / Unsplash Thomas Le

Whether they are fitted or extremely oversized, puffer jackets are a perfect winter staple to keep warm this season. A popular brand for puffers is North Face, but more affordable options can be found at H&M or Urban Outfitters. For a simple look, black puffers will always be a versatile piece; however, fun patterns such as geometric and paisley puffers can brighten up any winter outfit as well.