Spring Break 2023: How Do Students Plan to Spend Their Recess?

The Torch asked St. John’s students of their spring break plans.

Photo Courtesy / Unsplash Wells Baum

It’s only one month into the spring 2023 semester at St. John’s University, and students are already planning their spring break adventures. In a winter filled with highs of 60 degrees and lows of 10, SJU students embark on new locations for the upcoming week-long break from Feb. 27 to March 4. The Torch asked students of their spring break plans and how they plan to spend their time away from the stresses of homework and exams. 

Sophomore Julia Parkinson plans to travel to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for the break. Staying at an all-inclusive resort with her friends, she looks forward to “relaxing by the beach and soaking up the sun.” 

“I’m so excited to see what the island has to offer and enjoy a much needed break from the spring semester,” Parkinson said.

Punta Cana stands as the eighth best spring break destination for college students, according to the U.S. News & World Report. Complete with sunny beaches and exciting nightlife, the Caribbean destination is budget-friendly, especially for young students. 

Parkinson is not the only student traveling outside the United States. Sophomore Kaitlyn Blanck plans to embark on a week-long trip to Madrid as part of a St. John’s course. 

“I’m going to Madrid with my marketing class for 10 days. I’m super excited to go on corporate trips and to explore Spain,” Blanck said. 

Blanck hopes to enrich herself in other cultures and experience new personal and professional opportunities while in Spain. “It’s important to me that I build my independence on this trip,” she said, “while making meaningful connections with my classmates as well.” 

Senior Adrian Mokbel is visiting a friend in Syracuse, New York. “I’m most looking forward to spending quality time with my best friend and enjoying skiing and exploring upstate [New York],” Mokbel said. He’s also excited to experience authentic winter weather, “something we really haven’t had in Queens.” 

Sophomore Ava Lasalandra plans to visit her family’s beach house in Belmar, New Jersey. “I’m excited to visit my family and friends,” Lasalandra said. “We like to walk the boardwalks and eat at local restaurants, especially Belmar’s Marina Grille.” She enjoys the time away from school to reconnect with her hometown friends and rest. “Even though it’s cold, it’s still nice.”

Many plan on using the break to spend time at home with family. “I’ll be home watching my dogs,” sophomore Erin McRae said. “I’m going home to Long Island for the break, and I’m most excited for the rest, relaxation and  home cooked meals,” McRae said

Whether students seek sunshine or much-needed time with family, Johnnies are staying busy and making the most out of their break.