5 Union Turnpike Favorites: Local Eats Near Campus

Looking for a bite without taking a long trip? These five favorites are right on Union Turnpike.

1. Acquista Trattoria

Torch Photo / Abigail Grieco

With extremely accommodating servers and an atmosphere that feels welcoming and cozy, Acquista Trattoria is a great restaurant for authentic Italian cuisine. Like other Italian restaurants, the portions are unnecessarily large; however, Acquista Trattoria’s portions fill up its customers without making them feel too full. While the main entrees are delicious and provide a taste of Italy, its biggest hit lies within dessert, specifically the homemade tiramisu. 

“The tiramisu is so decadent, creamy and light. I couldn’t get enough of it,” says sophomore Emma Korszloski.

2. Umi Sushi

Torch Photo / Abigail Grieco

With a sushi-heavy menu, Umi Sushi definitely lives up to its title. While there are other items on the menu, this family-owned business mainly focuses on a wide variety of this staple Japanese cuisine dish. 

From the vegetables to the fish, senior Mariana Bulko emphasizes that the caliber of the hand-made sushi rolls never drops, “the ingredients taste so fresh, and for good quality sushi, the price is not through the roof.” 

Alongside the friendly servers, the turnaround from ordering to having delicious food on the table is very fast-paced. Additionally, waiting for your order, you can also watch the chefs make the sushi rolls, adding to the unique experience that Umi Sushi provides.

3. Crepe ‘N’ Tearia

Torch Photo / Abigail Grieco

This up-and-coming creperie and bubble tea cafe — Crepe ‘N’ Tearia — is flexible with orders and is a friendly family-run business. Crepe ‘N’ Tearia offers sweet and savory crepes, as well as homemade pastries and desserts, all of which are customizable. 

Sophomore Erin McRae says, “I love crepes, so I was hesitant to try this place because I was worried that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations; however, they were warm and delicious, and I even got to watch them make mine.” 

Also served is bubble tea and coffee, the former having a wide variety of flavors, ranging from original black tea and tapioca pop bubbles to unique flavor combinations like almond-chocolate and avocado.

4. Sup Thai Kitchen

Torch Photo / Abigail Grieco

Sup Thai Kitchen — with its cozy outdoor seating area and its alluring plating arrangements — has an authentically welcoming ambiance.

 “I think Sup Thai [Kitchen] is a great place to eat classic Thai dishes,” says senior Adam Mokbel. “I especially love their pad Thai — I always get it during the day since their lunch special is so well priced.” 

The stir-fried rice noodle dish is a major part of Thailand’s cuisine. A key ingredient used in many Thai dishes is peanuts, so consumers with allergies must be cautious when ordering these dishes. However, the nuts provide a unique nutty flavor and additional textural components, as well as great protein nutrients for what can be a vegetarian dish.

5. Regina’s Pizzeria

Torch Photo / Abigail Grieco

Who doesn’t love pizza? And what better way to get gooey cheese, homemade sauce and perfectly crusted pizza than Regina’s Pizzeria, located right outside of Gate 4.

 “Its exterior may not look like a five-star restaurant, but the interior is the epitome of a classic pizza parlor,” says freshman Joe Alleva. “Whenever I don’t know what to eat, I always go to Regina’s because it has so much variety, I mean, it’s not just normal pizza.”

 In fact, Regina’s menu options range widely, varying from a vegetable, cheeseless pie to a jumbo shrimp pie to a gluten free thin-crust pie. Alleva says, “It’s such a good place to have so close to campus.”