A.L.F.S.A. Hosts Stroll Expo for Charity


A.L.F.S.A., the African Latino Fraternal Sororal Alliance, held its annual Stroll Expo in Montgoris Hall on Friday, aimed at collecting funds for toy drives and showcasing fraternities and sororities within the council of Greek-lettered organizations.  

Strolling, a musical form of cultural expression through dance, is a tradition innovated by historically black organizations and incorporated into the customs of most Latino organizations that embrace their African heritage. The dances are often synchronized to forms of hip-hop and other Afro-Caribbean musical forms. 

The exhibition of fraternities and sororities featured performers from universities across the metropolitan area. 

“The event was a complete success and had an excellent turnout,” said Jamel Exhem, president of A.L.F.S.A. 

“We had a whole bunch of great fraternities and sororities strolling and it was really something big because this place was packed over capacity.” Exhem said.  

With the holiday season in full swing, A.L.F.S.A. has dedicated its time towards serving those in need, with community service and fundraising being its primary mediums of aid. 

Throughout the semester, the organization has accumulated over 200 hours of community service. 

“This umbrella of Latino and Black fraternities and sororities is dedicated to community service, day in and day out,” said Exhem. 

Although the organization committed the event towards raising money for holiday toy drives, the diverse showcase of organizations attracted students of multiple grade levels. 

Christian Arango, co-host of the event, felt that the stroll expo was a perfect way to combine the culture of A.L.F.S.A. organizations while coming together for a great cause. 

“I thought it was a great event because it was a great way for all ALFSA organizations to come together and host a show that is meant to serve a greater cause,” Arango said. 

“It’s a beautiful thing that all of the money is going towards charity because we’re all here in college looking to join organizations that help our communities and what better way than to host an event like this, get everyone together, and help those in need, it’s what we’re here for.” Arango added. 

Typically, A.L.F.S.A. holds a step show in the fall and a stroll expo in the spring. For the 2010-2011 academic school year however, the executive board decided to hold the stroll expo in the fall. The decision was made in order to raise more money for the toy charity drive, as more organizations in the organization stroll as opposed to stepping. 

Arango, also a member of A.L.F.S.A., feels that although the organization has accomplished a lot, there is more that can be done. 

“All of the organizations within this council should help more of our people get into college. In us helping the communities, we are continuing to break the cycle and do a lot of better things to uplift our people,” he said. 

“As members of these greek-lettered organizations, we can help empower our people more,” he added.