SGI changes constitution

Ariana Ortiz, Assistant News Editor

During Student Government Inc.’s (SGI) last floor meeting on Monday, March 13, topics such as new adjustments courtesy of a new SGI constitution, the treasurer’s report and special allocation requests were discussed.

Some of the changes proposed were a reduction in qualifications to run for all positions within SGI; a simplified removal process in the case of an elected member not “meeting the needs of their role,” according to SGI President Chiara Miuccio and a reduction in quorum, the set percentage of SGI members whose presence is necessary in order to conduct business.

When met with the proposal to reduce quorum, there was some initial resistance and confusion over its potential ramifications. The minimum percentage of SGI members required to be present would be reduced from its current 70 percent, to 50 percent of voting members plus the presence of one additional individual.

“Everyone’s vote counts,” Miuccio said in response to concerns over whether this would lessen the value of votes.

On the issue of possible neglect of colleges whose representatives are not present at a particular meeting, the e-board was in agreement over holding representatives accountable.

“It is the responsibility of the reps to represent their colleges. High quorum numbers are inhibiting us,” Frank Obermeyer, SGI secretary, said. An agreement was eventually reached in favor of the change.

The addition of a non-discrimination clause was not objected to, nor was the proposal to change the GPA requirement for SGI participation from a set number to the University’s definition of being in “good academic standing.”

SGI Treasurer Clement Anozie then passed out his annual report, which indicated that SGI is in good financial standing.

Lastly, SGI candidates took the floor to briefly discuss their platforms, including independent candidates Tahmir Williams and Anthony Savino, as well as the entirety of the REAL (Realizing Excellence through Advocacy and Leadership) ticket.

The next SGI floor meeting will be held next Monday, March 27 in DAC 416 AB.