NYWICI Hosts Student Conference

Alexis Gaskin, Staff Writer

On Sat. Nov. 10, the New York Women in Communications (NYWICI) held its Student Communications Career Conference at the NYU Kimmel Center in Manhattan. Over one hundred communication students and professionals met to discuss different aspects of the communications industry in the teaching and networking-style event. Industry professionals from organizations such as Birchbox, Spotify, Bustle and the Meredith Corporation were in attendance to speak of their experience and in conversation with other professionals.

An event meant to uplift women in communications by sharing anecdotes of the industry, students from the tri-state area got to hear from professional women about their careers as well as advice for the future. In attendance were students from NYU, Ithaca College, Columbia University and more. There were no members from St. John’s University in attendance but the students at the conference urges women in communications to join.

“Everyone should join, it’s an amazing opportunity and has done so much for me already,” said Sarah Lynch, an NYWICI scholarship winner from Marist College. “I recommend anyone who’s interested join.”

The event featured two panels that the students were able to choose from along with an additional workshop that was also selected by the students. In addition to the panels, the students had time to network with other women in communications and professionals through activities and open dialogue.

The NYWICI is a tri-state area based organization that connect womens of all levels in their careers in an effort to uplift each other. That’s how Julia Corbett, Vice President of the Young Professionals division of WICI and Senior Account Executive at MXM/Accenture, describes the organization.

“It’s a great community to have and to be a part of and is well worth it based on the connections alone,” she said.

Panels discussing content marketing, non-traditional communication jobs, presentation skills and financial wellness permitted students to learn from professionals and members of WICI in a close and personal environment. Member and panelist Jamie Primeau urges all interested to join WICI and to network in general.

“I think one of the best things that you can do as a college student is to network…you have to keep those connections that you make and just be honest and genuine,” Primeau said.  

She also described how the best community you can have are your friends.

“Even networking with your peers is great, because you’re all in the same type of boat and want to help each other,” she added.

The conference featured a diverse set of women from different backgrounds in the industry.

Melissa Finney, the Director of Sales at Spotify who started at Playboy as one of the few women of color there and Tanya Jones of Meredith Corporation were among the professionals who were present.

Advice was offered throughout the conference and a few token pieces came from Finney and Jones. Jones described how even in a time of the “fake news” era, it’s still important to lead with integrity.

“You must stand in your truth and deliver the content with integrity,” she said.

Finney urged the crowd that one of the most important lessons she learned was to show up.

“No matter what, you must show up,” Finney said. “Even if the opportunity isn’t there, you show up anyways.”

She said this as she described how she took a flight from Paris to NYC to interview for a Playboy internship that she was most likely not going to get.

The conference concluded with words from its co-chairs summing up the importance of the event and why continuing conversations on representation in the media is important. For any students that are interested in joining the membership, fees start at $95 and can be found on their website, NYWICI.org.