Bidding adieu

Today, a major chapter in my life comes to a close. As we head to print, my time as features editor at the Torch, the independent student newspaper of St. John’s University, has come to an end. The last few years as a staff writer, assistant editor and features editor has been a wild, thrilling and most of all, fulfilling ride. I am leaving this newspaper having worked as a real journalist with real journalists and having covered real issues. It has not always been easy, but it has been worth it.

I could not be more thankful.

I like to think some articles and columns I wrote while at the Torch made a difference and truly mattered here on campus. Maybe that is presumptuous of me, but I hope my stories mattered for at least my subjects and readers. The people I had the opportunity to interview and write about will stay with me forever—each and everyday, I carry your stories with me.

At the same time, not everything I wrote was well-received— and that’s okay too. In fact, that is a good thing. Sharing my opinion has lead many of our readers to share their opinions too; it has opened up discussion, self-reflection and healthy debates. Now not all debates were pretty. If you know anything about my columns here, you know some of the debates got ugly. But I stand by my words. I learned from your opinions, and even when some of you were extremely harsh with me, I took your opinions to heart, because that is what a journalist does.

I am so proud of the Torch editorial board as both a group and as individuals. Working with all of you was a great pleasure and I suspect we will spend many more years in the field helping each other out and reflecting on the glory days. We covered the tough issues, we faced controversy head on and we stood our ground, especially when it mattered. Thank you all for being not only a great board to work with, but also great friends.

I learned so much as features editor, and I am thankful for every article I had the opportunity to write, the amazing editorial board I got to work with, every person who was willing to share their story with me, every person who stood by me when my words caused uproar and every person who read my articles (especially my parents).

I could not finish my time as editor without thanking our unbelievable adviser (and former Torch editor as well) Jim Baumbach. Your guidance, support and understanding have made all the difference. As you have told us many times, these memories at the Torch will last a lifetime and there is never anything quite like it. There is so much I will miss about this newsroom and it is difficult to express it all.

Lastly, I am excited to see all that the next editorial board is capable of. The Torch is in good hands. I believe in all of you.

Thank you all for reading. Maybe I will have another column or two before graduation, but for now, I leave it at that. What a ride it has been—can’t believe it’s over.

But I like to think that long after I am gone, my words will live on.